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Chapter 13: Health Is a Function of Love

I received a letter from my daughter. [tearful] She said she felt like a piece of cheese in the cupboard that was getting old and rotten for years, and like a sick bird in a cage, and like wind that was always blowing, because she was longing for me. .So I just packed and I’m leaving tomorrow.

Don’t be worried, it is good. She writes well! Bring her next time. Children are true, they always say whatsoever they feel. She does not mean to hurt you, she’s simply saying how she feels. And it is not that she is still feeling that way. With children, everything is momentary. Next moment she must have been playing and laughing, and when you go back she may not even remember what she has written. Children live in the moment. The past is not a hangover, nor the future a worry - and that is the beauty of childhood.

You have also to become like that. That is the whole effort of meditation: to bring back childhood again, a second childhood. Childhood is beautiful if awareness can be added to it. And that’s the second childhood - when you are no longer a child and yet you become a child: fully aware; mature, but living moment to moment as innocently as a child lives. Then all that is beautiful in childhood is with you, and all that is dark is no longer with you; you have chosen the flowers of it.

So go back.and you will find her happy. She will laugh, the first thing she will do is laugh - she has played a trick on you!


I’m feeling restless. I’m not involved in any group, or work, or a relationship.

What you are experiencing as restlessness is simply energy that wants release. You should not make a problem of it, but be grateful that you have been given more energy than you need.

Man is created by nature for almost eight hours’ hard work; that much energy is created in you. By and by, as civilization has progressed and technology has taken much of human labor, we don’t have anything which requires hard work, and that has become a problem.

In the past, people suffered because they didn’t have enough energy to cope with it. Now, and particularly in the West, we are suffering from more energy than can be used. That can become restlessness, neurosis, madness. If energy is there and not used rightly it goes sour, becomes bitter. We create energy every day, and it has to be used every day. You cannot accumulate it; you cannot be a miser about it.

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