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Chapter 7: Lion Buddha

“And I had to be very hard with him. Otherwise he won’t listen. He was so full of his own ideas. He was a scholar, well acquainted with the scriptures. I could hear the noise in his head. I could see the turmoil in his being. I had to be very cruel and hard like a hammer, only then there is a possibility that he may hear. He needed a shock. I shocked him, because I don’t want to support anybody’s beliefs. All beliefs are wrong. Knowing is a totally different matter.

“And the second man was an atheist, he did not believe in God. He was also a scholar. He was also full of all kinds of ideas, but he was just the opposite to the first man. He had also come for the same purpose. They were opposites, enemies, but the purpose was the same. He wanted me to support his non-belief, his disbelief. That’s why I had to say to him with such authority: ‘Yes, there is a God. Only God is, and nothing else is’. That way I shattered his belief.

“And the third man was really a seeker. He did not want an answer. He wanted an experience. He has not come to question. He had no idea, no prejudice. He had come open, available. He was vulnerable to me, he was a man of great trust. He wanted me to reveal something to him, hence I did not answer him. I simply told him to sit by my side. And, yes, you are right, something transpired.”

Because something always transpires when two persons can manage to sit in deep silence. And if you can manage to sit in deep silence with a buddha, something of tremendous value is going to happen. His silence is contagious. If you are available and open his silence will pour into your being. It will be like a bath. You will be bathed in his consciousness. You will be cleansed, you will be purified. Your dust will disappear from your mirror. Suddenly you will be able to see. Your eyes will be clear.

“So without giving him any answer, he received the answer. He received the answer of all answers, which is silence. That’s why he was so grateful. That’s why he bowed down and touched my feet. That’s why he thanked me.”

When you come to a Buddha or a Bodhidharma you have to be very alert how you come. Don’t come with prejudices, otherwise you will ask childish questions.

A little boy went to school for the first time, and the teacher explained that if he wanted to go to the washroom he should raise two fingers.

The boy, looking puzzled, asked, “How’s that going to stop it?”

He has a certain idea - childish - but he is puzzled.

“Why don’t you smile?” the teacher asked young Johnny.

“I didn’t have no breakfast,” Johnny replied.

“You poor dear,” said the teacher. “But to return to our geography lesson, Johnny. Where is the Polish border?”

“In bed with Momma - that’s why I didn’t have no breakfast.”

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