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Chapter 6: Politics and Love

It may have broken you away from the family, but it didn’t join you with the greater family of existence. It separated you from the family, but it simply separated you. It was just a divorce, it was not a marriage to the greater. It was impotent.

Then you came to me. You became different. You meditated, you became a little more alert and then, by and by, your change became a magnetic force to your family also - whom you had renounced. Then your father, your mother, and your sister also came.

It simply happens that if you are changed you become a magnetic force. And of course, those who have been related to you very deeply are affected immediately. If one person in the family changes, the whole family is affected immediately.

They may start defending. That too is the sign. They may start fighting. That too is a symbol that they are being affected now. Now, they cannot remain the same; something has to be done.

They came, they also changed, and you again became a part of your family - in a totally new dimension. The marriage has happened now in a totally new dimension. Now your family is just part of the greater family I’m creating, of the greater sangha, the community that I’m creating. Now, through me, you have become joined again.

That’s why Christians go on signing their signatures “Yours in Jesus.” That is very meaningful. Now there is no bridge. If you love Jesus, Jesus has become the bridge. You may have been a friend to somebody. Then Jesus came to you. Now the friendship has taken on a totally different meaning, a different poetry. Now you are no longer directly related to the person. Jesus is always somewhere in the corner, Jesus is always somewhere in between, flowing. Now the friend is no more an ordinary friend. He has also become divine through Jesus and you say, “Yours through Jesus.”

This will happen to you all by and by. You will be rejoined to the same family you renounced, through me.

The seventh question:

The last few days this happens: whenever I feel I need to be in tune with my center, immediately I see the image of a very calm, deep lake surrounded by mountains. All is peace and in deep harmony. I see myself sitting either on the border of the lake or on the mountain top - just sitting and watching in calm happiness. There are always white and black birds silently flying around. The place is not from this world, and yet it is from this world. The image centers me immediately. I seem to need it, but still it feels a bit childish. And although it doesn’t feel like I am doing something, I am yet doing. Please comment.