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Chapter 6: Politics and Love

This is good: healthy and wholesome. This is one of the old meditation techniques. You may not be doing it knowingly, but you may have done it in some past life. It may have simply surfaced again, but it is one of the most beautiful techniques. As far as techniques go, this technique also goes!

Use it. And don’t feel it is childish, because all happiness is childish, all joy is childish, all delight is childish. Enjoy it, become a child. And when the work is done, the technique will disappear. When the work is done, the picture of the lake and the mountains and the birds will disappear by and by. The picture will disappear but the calmness will remain. The lake will go but the rippleless lake of your consciousness will be left behind.

Enjoy it as much as you can. This has something to do with your past. You may have done it before. Now it has again surfaced. It happens: if people have been doing certain methods in their past lives and they have been left incomplete, when they meditate again, suddenly some technique erupts, surfaces, and possesses them completely. Then you are not doing it. It is happening.

And that is one of the most significant things to be understood. If a method happens to you without doing, that is the method for you - because when you do, something becomes different, but when it happens, it is totally different. When it happens, it is nearer to the heart. When you do, it is nearer to the head.

Allow it, enjoy it, let the scenic beauty of the lake completely surround you. Forget yourself; be in it totally. It will center you. And once the work is done, all pictures will disappear. When only you are left - the lake is no more, the birds are no more; nothing is there to be seen, only the seer is left - then the real meditation happens. That’s what I call “being,” just being. That is the ultimate.

But this technique can be helpful. And when it is happening by itself, it can be very helpful. Allow it. It is healthy and wholesome. And don’t think it is childish. All beauty, all happiness, all ecstasy is childish. God is childish!

Enough for today.