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Chapter 2: Nothing Is Wrong with You

He said, “It is no longer a question of following, it has become my nature. Attention means attention! I was in the army for twenty-five years: attention means attention; it does not mean anything else. And it is not a question of my deciding whether to follow or not; it has become automatic.”

This is what all the societies have been doing and all the so-called religions have been doing: they have been automatizing you. And this is done through the process of repression - repress everything that can be dangerous to the establishment.

That’s why Jesus is crucified and Socrates is poisoned and al-Hillaj Mansoor is killed, for the simple reason that these people were bringing rebellion, these people were releasing others from their bondage, from their mental slavery. They were telling people to be intelligent, to be individuals, to be a light unto themselves. That’s the message of Gautam the Buddha: Be a light unto yourself. Follow your own light, follow your own intelligence. Don’t listen to those with vested interests because they are working for their own purposes. They have nothing to do with your welfare, they are not concerned about it.

And once you repress anything, the energy that is being repressed starts turning sour in you. The same energy that would have become a flower becomes a thorn. The same energy that would have helped you to grow becomes stagnant, starts stinking. Energy needs to remain in a flowing state; repression makes your life stagnant.

People’s mental age is not more than twelve years. That means at the age of twelve they stopped growing psychologically They may be eighty years old, but their minds are childish - remember, not childlike but just childish. It is beautiful to be childlike but it is ugly to be childish.

And why have they stopped at the age of twelve? For what reason? How does it happen? And this is the average all over the world. It is the same in the East, in the West; it is the same for the Hindu and for the Christian. All the societies in their own ways have been able to repress everybody before the age of twelve - why? Because the age of thirteen is the dangerous age. At that time a person becomes sexually mature; before then all his growth has to be stopped. Once he becomes sexually mature then it will be very difficult to repress him. He will have so much energy that all your measures for repression are bound to fail. So repression has to happen before thirteen.

All kind of nonsense has to be put in people’s minds before they are thirteen; by the time they reach twelve the work should be finished. Then they will only be growing old but not growing up.

In an oral exam in biology the teacher asks a student, “Which organ of man’s body once stimulated can grow up to three hundred times its size?”

The girl replies, “I am not going to answer such questions!” and she walks out.

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