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Chapter 8: The Disappearance of the Magician

If you can understand this, then ignorance becomes innocence. Don’t call it ignorance; ignorance has a wrong association. Ignorance means that you are still thinking in terms of knowledge, you are still thinking that something is missing, something is lacking. Drop that word. That word is not right.

Innocence, childlike innocence.. And I know Deva Geeta is a childlike old woman.

“Is it possible for someone as ignorant as I am to attain to enlightenment without taking much time to study all which is between heaven and earth?”

There is no need to study anything. Everything is revealed; you just need clear eyes. Study is not needed. You are not to go into the books, you have just to see the greenery of the trees, smell the fragrance of the flowers, listen to the birds, and the sound of running water, and the beautiful clouds floating in the sky..

Everything is so perfect and everything is so tremendously beautiful. You just approach this great shrine of God. God is enshrined here in every stone, and every stone is a sermon, and he is flowering in every flower, and he is breathing in every heart. You just approach with innocence, and everywhere you will find it is holy ground.

Every bush is afire with God - because life itself is what God is all about; the totality, the wholeness of life is what God is all about. You just approach with clear, childlike, innocent eyes. That will do. The universe is your university. And the Koran and the Vedas and the Bible and the Gita are irrelevant - God’s greatest book is just in front of you. Turn its pages.

When you move from the trees and you look up to the sky you have turned a page. When you look at the sun, you have turned another page. When you look at your child, into his eyes, you have turned another page.

This is what the real Veda, the real Koran, the real Bible is. This is the book, and all other books are man-made. Only this universe is the book that God has written himself.

Have you observed that all religions claim that their books are not man-made? Hindus claim that the Vedas are apourusheya: not made by man but made by God himself; and Sanskrit is the divine language, not human. You will find the same type and the same foolish claim everywhere. Mohammedans say the Koran has descended from God, and so with Jews and Christians. Everybody is trying to claim that his book is the divine book and nobody bothers to look at the real divine book.

You are also a page in that divine book. And everything is part of it. These books are beautiful; I am not saying that anything is wrong with them. The Koran is beautiful - recite it, sing it. The Vedas are beautiful, but remember, don’t be lost in them. Let them be stepping-stones towards the real book of life.

The second question:

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