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Chapter 10: The Right Side Up

It is just thinking about waking up. A little more, one jump more..

Don’t be deceived by it. It is good as far as it goes, but it does not go very far, or far enough. It is good that you understand it, but it is still an intellectual understanding. Good - at least you have not misunderstood. Feel blissful for it, feel fortunate. You have not misunderstood. That’s what I am saying: it is simple, simple to be. But don’t think that this is already waking up.

I am talking about food. I am talking about it; you are understanding it. Then the search for food begins. Don’t try to eat the menu; it is not food. And don’t try to enjoy the map so much that you completely forget about the goal. The map is not the territory. Even a beautiful picture of the Himalayas, that is perfectly true to it, even that is not the Himalayas.

But it is good that you have understood. This is waking up: you have understood the point. Now let the point become your very being. Don’t allow it to remain in the intellect, because if it remains there too much, sooner or later it will be a dead concept. Let it become existential.

Yes, it is simple. It is so simple that you can become awakened this very moment. Don’t ask how, because once you ask how then it is no longer simple, then it becomes difficult. Because of your “hows” there are people who go on answering you. You ask how; they show you the way. In fact, there is no way: it is a pathless path. In fact, there is no how to it. It is just an understanding, a turning in.

If you have understood the point, live it. Because only through living it, it will become a concrete reality.

The last but one:

You said that mind is the devil: “drop it!” Oh, but a man like me in today’s civilized, complex society, feels himself surrounded and lost in mind and mind and nothing else. How to proceed? Moreover, if he goes with an innocent, childlike mind into this world, he will probably be cheated.

Be cheated. It is worth it. What have you got so that you are so afraid of being cheated? A naked fakir, worried where he will dry his clothes if he takes a bath! Be cheated. You have nothing.

And this idea that “.with an innocent childlike mind into this world, he will probably be cheated,” is already cunning, clever, calculating. If you want to become childlike, even then you calculate what will happen. A child is just a child. Whatsoever happens, happens.