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Chapter 3: Is That So?

But your morality.your morality is created by the priest, the priest who helped the Devil; because the Devil argued, and he argued rightly. Your morality is not pure. So whenever there is someone who can behave the way you think a pure man should behave, who can manipulate himself, you honor him, you respect him, you call him a saint. Your saints are as bogus as you are, because you decide and judge who is a saint. Your morality is just a fear, a hidden fear, and the disguise is so clever that you never become aware of it.

How can a calculation become innocent? And without becoming innocent - innocent like the trees, innocent like the animals, innocent like the babies - how can purity happen to you? It is not something you can control. If you control, it is repression, and the contrary is always present there. If you become a celibate, sex is there hidden in the unconscious waiting for its moment to assert, to rebel. If you become nonviolent, violence is there. The opposite cannot be thrown out. If you choose, the opposite is always repressed - that’s all you can do. Only in an innocent mind does the opposite disappear, because nothing has been chosen: the opposite cannot exist without choice.

Hence Krishnamurti consistently emphasizes not to choose, and to be choiceless - that’s the base of innocence. But you can deceive yourself by choosing choicelessness: “Because Krishnamurti says, ‘Be choiceless’ I will be choiceless.” If you decide, the will has entered - and the will is cunning. If you decide to be choiceless, your choicelessness will be part of a morality, not part of purity.

Just understand, don’t choose - don’t choose even choiceless-ness. Simply understand the whole situation: that whatsoever you choose, whatsoever you do, will come out of the calculating mind. It cannot be the real thing. Your mind can only produce dreams, it cannot produce the truth. Truth cannot be produced, nobody can produce it. It is there; it has to be seen. Nothing has to be done, just a look is needed - a look without any prejudice, a look without any choice, a look without any distinctions.

A man of God, if he has suppressed, if he has denied the Devil, is not a real man of God. The Devil will be there by the corner. Once you divide, you are caught in the battle of the opposites - you will be crushed. If you don’t decide - you don’t know what is good, what is bad - whatsoever happens you simply accept. It is happening, what can you do? Nothing can be done. So you float like a white cloud. You don’t know where you are going or why you are going. The wind blows to the north, you go to the north; the wind then drifts towards the south, you drift towards the south. You float with the wind. You don’t say, “I am going to the south, I cannot go to the north.” You don’t fight.

A man of purity is not a soldier, he is a saint. And a man of morality is a soldier, he is not a saint. Of course, the fight is within, not without. Of course, the fight is not with someone else but with oneself - but the fight is there.

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