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Chapter 1: The Great Way Is Not Difficult

What to do with life? You cannot choose. If you want to be with life, with the whole, you have to be choiceless.

Mind is a choice. Aristotle made it the base of his logic and philosophy. You cannot find a man more distant from Sosan than Aristotle, because Sosan says, “Neither this nor that - don’t choose.” Sosan says, “Be choiceless.” Sosan says, “Don’t make distinctions!” The moment you make a distinction, the moment choice enters, you are already divided, fragmentary; you have become ill, you are not whole.

Remember, if you ask a Christian who does not really belong to Jesus, who basically belongs to Aristotle. Christianity is more Aristotle-based than Christ-based. Jesus was more like Sosan. He says, “Don’t judge. Judge ye not!” He says, “Don’t make any choice. Don’t say, ‘This is good and that is bad!’ That is not your concern. Let the whole decide. Don’t be a judge.” But Christianity is not really Jesus-oriented. The founders of Christianity were more Aristotelian than Christian.

You cannot make a church out of Sosan or Jesus. How can you make a church if you remain choiceless? A church has to be for something and against something; it has to be for God and against the Devil. And in life God and the Devil are not two, they are one. The Devil is one face and God is another face of the same energy - they are not two.

Sometimes he comes as a Devil and sometimes he comes as a God. And if you can go deep and look, you will find they are the same. Sometimes he comes as a thief and sometimes he comes as a virtuous man. Sometimes you will find him in respectable quarters and sometimes with those who are not respected but condemned. He moves, he is a movement. And no shore is too distant for him to reach, nobody is beyond him - he moves in everybody.

Jesus makes no distinctions, but Christianity makes distinctions because a religion has to - a religion has to become a morality. And once a religion becomes a morality it is no longer a religion. Religion is the greatest daring possible. It takes the greatest courage to be choiceless, because the mind says, “Choose!” The mind says, “Say something! This is wrong, that is good. This is beautiful, this is ugly. I love this, I hate that.” Mind says, “Choose!” Mind has a temptation to divide. Once you divide, mind is at ease. If you don’t divide, if you say, “I’m not going to say anything. I’m not going to judge,” mind feels as if it is on its deathbed.

Aristotle says A is A and cannot be not A - the opposites cannot meet. Sosan says there are no opposites - they are already meeting, they have always been meeting. This is one of the most fundamental truths to be realized, that opposites are not opposites. It is you who say they are opposites, otherwise they are not opposites. Look existentially and you will feel they are the same energy.

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