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Chapter 2: Aloneness Is the Last Achievement

You have just to be silent, patient, alert. Live life totally. The goal is hidden in life itself. It is God who has come to you as life in millions of ways. When a woman smiles at you, remember, it is God smiling in the form of a woman. When a flower opens its petals, look, watch - God has opened his heart in the form of a flower. When a bird starts singing, listen to it - God has come to sing a song for you. This whole life is divine, holy. You are always on holy ground. Wherever you look, it is God that you are looking at; whatsoever you do, it is to God that you are doing it; whatsoever you are, you are an offering to God. That’s what I mean: live life, enjoy life, because it is God. And he comes to you and you are not enjoying him. He comes to you and you are not welcoming him. He comes to you and finds you sad, aloof, uninterested, dull.

Dance, because each moment he is coming in infinite ways, in millions of ways, from all dimensions. When I say live life in totality, I mean, live life as if it is God. And everything is included. When I say life, everything is included. Sex is included, love is included, anger is included; everything is included. Don’t be a coward. Be brave and accept life in its totality, in its total intensity.

The last question:

Can one be intimate with your soul without being your disciple?

It is as if you ask, “Can one be intimate with you without being intimate with you?”

What is a disciple? - a disciple is just an attitude, a readiness to be intimate. A disciple is just a receptivity, a readiness to accept, welcome. A disciple is a gesture: if you give to me, I will not reject it. But you are fogged with words. You have lost all insight into love, intimacy. If you are not a disciple you will not be intimate from your side. From my side, I am intimate to all, whether you are my disciples or not. I am unconditionally intimate.

But if you are not a disciple from your side you are closed, so my intimacy alone won’t work. It will not get connected with you. You will remain an outsider. Somehow, you will remain in a defending mood. Of course, you will choose whatsoever you like, and you will reject whatsoever you don’t like. A disciple is one who says, “Osho, I accept you totally. Now I will not be a chooser with you’ - that’s all. “Now I drop my mind; you become my mind. I will listen to you and not to my mind. If there is any conflict, I will go with you and not with my mind’ - that’s all. “If a decision has to be taken, then you will be closer to me than my own mind’ - that’s all.

One who is not a disciple stands on the border and he says, “Whatsoever I like, or whatsoever I feel convinced of, I will choose; and whatsoever I don’t like and don’t feel convinced of I will not choose.” Whatsoever you like will make your mind more and more strengthened; whatsoever you don’t like will not allow your mind any transformation. You will become more knowledgeable. You will learn many things from me, but you will not learn me. So it is up to you.

It is not a question, for me, to make you a disciple; it is up to you. When more is available, you decide for less - so far, so good.

Let me tell you one anecdote.