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Chapter 11: Go Dancing In

Why don’t you answer my questions? Is there a certain selection before they reach you? If so, then these are the wrong persons at the right place, because they choose the stupid ones instead of mine, which have some quality. It’s not only an ego-satisfaction-comparison state.

Amrita Jayesh, it is a miracle that your question has been answered. The people who select the questions are certainly intelligent. Even you will have to realize their intelligence now - they have chosen your question. But still, I would like to say a few things about your question, because it is not only you, many may be feeling the same way.

So many questions come and I can answer only a few questions. Naturally, many must be feeling hurt that their question is not chosen. But they are not listening perfectly well. Their question may not have been chosen, but their question is certainly answered.

Answering one question I am answering hundreds of other questions too. It doesn’t matter whether it is your question. The very idea that “my question should be answered” means that you are less concerned with the question and more concerned that it is your question. If you listen silently you will find, somewhere or other, the question is being answered, just your name is not mentioned - and that is immaterial.

My experience is that when I mention somebody’s name and answer the question, he is the one who is going to understand it the least. The reason is obvious. He becomes tense - it is his question - and a little worried, a little afraid. I may say something which is shocking; I may hit him, I may slap him. By asking the question he has become vulnerable; hence the moment it is your question you are listening with a tense mind. It won’t reach your heart.

Others are listening with absolute relaxedness. It is not their question. In this state of relaxedness they may be able to hear much more than the person whose question is being answered. But I take every care that all the questions that reach me are answered - if not today, then tomorrow. And you are saying, “Why don’t you answer my questions?” I have answered them all. Just because your name was not mentioned you could not get them.

You are saying, “Is there a certain selection before they reach you?” There is no selection. All the questions reach me. And you are asking, “If so, then these are wrong persons at the right place.” There are no persons. All the questions that come are sent to me without any selection. I go through all the questions, but take out four or five questions. And I try in every way that those other questions which have not been taken are also answered.

You are saying that these people who choose, “.choose the stupid ones instead of mine, which have some quality” - but these people have chosen your question. Nobody is choosing; otherwise, certainly this question would not have been chosen. That can be said with absolute certainty. If somebody was choosing, this question would have been thrown away; it would not have reached me.

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