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Chapter 3: The Paradise of Yourself

So they go on creating more commandments, more judgments, they go on creating more theological fictions and they go on feeding your mind. Their whole purpose is your mind should be full of all kinds of rubbish so you cannot have any space to be intelligent. Because if you can have an empty mind the no-mind is not far away. The empty mind becomes the door to no-mind. When the empty mind becomes a stepping-stone to no-mind, it creates no problems, no obstacles.

So your mind has to be filled with the holy Koran, with The Holy Bible, with the holy Gita, and there are thousands of scriptures. You can choose whatever kind of rubbish you want - it comes in all sizes and all shapes. There is immense choice. There are three hundred religions on the earth. You can’t imagine a new religion, they have exhausted all possibilities. Three hundred religions about one God - you can choose. You are free to choose but you are not free not to choose.

And that’s what I am teaching you: don’t choose.

Explore, discover, don’t decide before you have realized. And realization, liberation, freedom, will give you an insight into everything. You will feel compassionate and loving to the whole life that surrounds you, non-judgmental.

I have told you the story of a Zen master..

A thief entered his house without knowing that it was a Zen master’s house - it contained nothing. The Zen master felt very embarrassed. The night was cold and he had only one blanket that he used in the day to cover his body, and in the night to cover his body to go asleep. That was all that he had, and the whole house was empty.

He felt so compassionate towards the thief that when the thief was going out he threw the blanket on his shoulders and told him: “Please accept it. You came without informing me. If you had just informed me at least three days before, I would have gathered something for you. I feel for the first time really poor. I cannot give you anything; this house is empty.”

And the thief was very much afraid of this man. He was standing naked in the cold winter night and he had given his only possession, the blanket. But the man was strange, he was saying to him, “You should first inform me and then you can come. But give me a little time so I can beg from people and keep something for you. This is not right for you to come so suddenly without any information.”

The man certainly was strange. The thief had come across hundreds of people - everybody was angry, everybody was handing him over to the police. He had suffered in jails so many times. Everybody was abusive, everybody was insulting. Out of jail, life was difficult. Nobody was ready to give him a job, so finally, he had to commit another crime just to enter into jail because that became his home. At least he had food, shelter, clothes.

This man was strange. He became afraid of this man - he rushed out of the door.

And the Zen monk shouted, “Stop! That’s not right, come back. First give me a ‘thank you’ so that you don’t feel guilty that you have stolen anything - I have given it to you.

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