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Chapter 13: The World Needs to Be One

Zorba is not separate from Buddha. The West is not separate from the East. In fact, any materialism that has no values of spirituality is going to be very mundane, profane, ugly. It will not have any flights into the open sky towards the stars. It will not flower and release its fragrance; it will be just a rock.

Spiritualism without materialism may have beautiful values but it is without foundations. It may create great palaces reaching to the stars, but without foundations these palaces can only be hallucinations, they cannot be real.

This reminds me..

One journalist was asking, “If Sheela was so crude, so violent, so hostile to people, so full of hatred, why did you choose her as the president of the foundation?”

When you make a beautiful building, for the foundation you choose all kinds of ugly stones. When the foundation is finished, then you start working with marble, not before that.

With human beings this is a difficulty: they don’t know when their time is over, they cling. They think they have been chosen forever. I have told Sheela many times, “Nobody is chosen forever. You fulfill a need. You do your best, then vacate the place for those whose work is now to make something better, higher.”

Zorba can only be the foundation; Buddha is the temple. Neither can exist without the other. It has been tried for thousands of years that they should exist separately - and the ultimate result is this insane humanity you see.

Either somebody is just a gambler, a drunkard, visiting prostitutes, and knows nothing of anything better.higher values remain absolutely unknown to him. Sheela is that type - a prostitute. Even prostitutes won’t do that.

Now the second husband is still living, and she has married a third husband. The second husband knows nothing about it, that he is divorced. Before she went to Nepal, she sent the second husband to Australia to function in the commune there. Now the third husband should be alert. And these are husbands - I am not counting boyfriends.

Sheela has something exactly primitive, like an uncut stone, which can be used only in the foundation, because once the building is over nobody is going to see the foundation. I have accepted her because better people are not for foundations. Hasya will not do for a foundation. Kaveesha will not do for a foundation.

Zorba has to be only the foundation, to support the buddha - which is the goal of existence.

My whole effort is to bring East and West to a deep merger. The West has science, technology - they are all for the foundations. They can create better machines, but they cannot create better men. The East is poor, has no idea of how to create better machines, better houses, better roads, but it can create better men.

Even the poor people in the East have some quality which is missing in the West. The poorest will still be immensely patient - not tense, not worried; trusting in existence that something good will come out of it, hoping. Even in the darkest cloud he will be able to see the silver lining.

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