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Chapter 1: The Hidden Harmony

There is opposition for the game, but still there is oneness deep within. These two things are needed for the game to continue: opposition, and still harmony. If there is absolute harmony the game will disappear - because with whom will you play? And if there is complete discord, opposition absolute, no harmony, then too the game will disappear.

Harmony in discord, oneness in opposition, is the key of all mysteries.

It is in changing
that things find repose.

People do not understand
how that which is at variance with itself,
agrees with itself.

The Devil agrees with God, God agrees with the Devil - that’s why the Devil exists.

There is a harmony in the bending back,
as in the case of the bow and lyre.

A musician plays with a bow and a lyre; the opposition is just on the surface. On the surface it is a clash, a struggle, a fight, a discord, but there comes beautiful music out of it.

Opposition brings concord.
Out of discord
comes the fairest harmony..

The name of the bow is life,
but its work is death.

And death is its work, the ultimate result. Death and life are not two either.

The name of the bow is life,
but its work is death.

So death cannot be really the opposite - it must be the lyre. If the name of the bow is life, then the name of the lyre must be death. And between these two the fairest harmony of life comes up.

You are just in the middle between death and life - you are neither. So don’t cling to life and don’t be afraid of death. You are the music between the lyre and the bow. You are the clash and the meeting and the merging, and the harmony, and the fairest that is born out of it.

Don’t choose!

If you choose, you will be wrong. If you choose, you will become attached to one, identified with one. Don’t choose!

Let life be the bow, let death be the lyre - and you be the harmony, the hidden harmony.

The hidden harmony is better than the obvious.

Enough for today.