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Chapter 22: The Distillation of Rebellious Spirits

They all looked at him, and he said, “Wherever you need me I will be present; you just go on spreading the word.”

But he said, “This is a very difficult word, just because of your picture. Can’t you dress a little better?”

But he said, “No, this are my clothes, and this is the way I am.”

Now, four or five people had seen him and they were all shocked: “This man is not mad, there is something in it.” The whole town became agog with the rumor that five people had seen God. And the thing became so hot that the church became immediately annoyed and irritated thinking that this was a joke. “This man, and God!” The picture was printed in the newspapers and everybody was laughing: “If this is God, then everything is finished.”

The problem became so much that the church had to call a meeting of the elders and force this man who was the messenger to appear before the council and prove that this was God. He tried, he told them, “Many times he has showed me miracles. Just this morning when I was shaving in my bathroom, a doubt arose in me that perhaps something was wrong with me; it was possible that I was simply fantasizing. And he immediately looked at me from the mirror. My picture disappeared and his picture was there in the mirror, and he said, ‘Again I go on giving you proofs, and you are again doubting.’”

And then at the church, the young man appeared before the church council. The high priest was there, and they were determined to punish this man if. And they said, “You say that this man is God?”

He said, “I have to say it. I have seen him many times. He has shown me many miracles. This morning he appeared in my mirror.” Everybody laughed, and this poor man said, “He has chosen me as his messenger.”

They said, “This time he has really chosen a great messenger! Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus - they were some people - but this man is just a clerk in a railway station. Now what qualities have you got that he would choose you as the messenger?”

He said, “I don’t know. I don’t have any qualities, and I have never dreamed in my life that God would choose me. But he has chosen me and he has promised that if there is a need he will come to support me.”

So the church council asked, “Then let him appear.”

And they all were amazed that the door behind the priest opened, and God appeared. There was silence for a moment. Seeing God, the priest gathered courage and said, “You think you are God?”

He said, “I don’t think, I am. And this is my messenger. But,” He said, “you can understand the difficulties of an ordinary God. I am an ordinary God, that’s why I have chosen an ordinary messenger, because to find an extraordinary messenger would be very difficult for me. You can see I am an ordinary, poor God. So don’t be angry with this poor clerk; what he is saying is absolutely right.”

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