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Chapter 17: Buddhas Are Trying to Be Buddhas

A king came to see a master; the master lived in a deep forest. He met a man and asked him, “Where can I find the way to the master’s place?” The man simply showed him with his finger, did not say anything, and went on chopping wood. The king went to the master’s place and he was surprised - it was the same man who had been chopping wood, sitting on his throne wearing the robe of a master.

For a moment the king hesitated, but then he said, “I had come for other questions. This question I have never thought about, but it has become the most important one now. Are you the same man who was chopping wood?”

He said, “I am the same man, and now I am going to chop you! But I chop only that part which is false, pseudo, and leave your reality - pure, simple, natural. Are you ready?”

The king said, “I have not come to be chopped. I have some questions.”

The master said, “All those questions are futile. First say it - are you ready? You see my ax?”

The king thought, “The man seems to be mad.” He said, “I will think about it.”

The master said, “These things are not to be thought about. Either you get it or you don’t; it is just a ‘click’. You have not seen in my eyes. You are so afraid and shrunken and closed, you have not allowed my love to enter you; otherwise you would have thought, ‘This idea of chopping is a great idea. A man of such love and such understanding and such realization is not going to kill me. And if he wants to kill me, it is better to be killed by such a man than by an unknown, dark death.’”

The king said, “I will come again. You are making me afraid.” He never came back again.

When such moments happen in your life they make you fragile, because it is a turning point. The old way is at risk. All that you have been is going to be finished and you don’t know what is ahead, what is going to happen. That is the, hesitation: to choose the past or to choose the future.

Those who choose the past choose their graves. Those who choose the future are the adventurers, are the seekers.

They also feel fragile, but in spite of their fragileness one thing is certain, that going back is simply stupid. You have not found anything - what is the point of going back? Going ahead there may be some new realization, a new light, a new being.

And you are saying that tears are coming back again and again. Those tears are coming again and again because you have missed a great opportunity. The first tears had a different quality; they were flowers of joy. The second layer of tears is just a deep hurt, a wound that you missed.

You are saying, “I cannot even meditate.” For the same reason, because in meditation what I said may become clear to you, and again the fragileness.“Also there is some fear.” You are asking, “Can you tell me what is happening? Also, is there an Australian joke?”

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