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Chapter 2: Choice Is Hell

Drop yourself, drown yourself; disappear from that plane of being. And then suddenly you are no longer human; you are superhuman. Your whole life will become a life of beautitude.

Let me tell you one anecdote.

One unfortunate soul arrived at the doors of hell and was interviewed by old Nick himself. “Which group would you like to join?” he asked with a leer.

“What do you mean ‘group’?” asked the new arrival.

“You see,” said the devil, “we have all sorts of torments here, and we allow people to choose their own. We believe in democracy, and we are not dictatorial - and there is no emergency going on. It is for you to choose. It is for eternity, remember - one thing, mind - so you must choose carefully. I will take you on a tour.”

So the devil took him through hell. One group were wallowing in slime and being perpetually eaten by maggots, another group were constantly being prodded with red-hot tridents, another group were being stretched on racks, etcetera, etcetera, and the new arrival was feeling very despondent.

Then the devil led him to one group in which all the inhabitants were standing up to their waists in a particularly evil-smelling cesspit and drinking cups of tea.

“This does not look too bad,” he thought to himself, “I will choose this group,” he said to the devil.

“You are sure?” asked Satan. “Remember, you can’t change your mind, and it is forever and forever and forever.”

“No, I am quite sure - this will do me,” said the newly damned.

“Very well,” said the devil, “in you go.”

And just as the wretched soul jumped into the pit, a whistle blew and a voice called out: “All right, everybody! Tea break’s over - stand on your heads!”

If you choose you choose hell. Choice is hell. That’s how you have created your hell all around you - by choosing. When you choose you don’t allow existence to choose for you.

Krishnamurti goes on insisting for choicelessness: That is just one end of the whole story - the other end is if you are choiceless existence chooses for you. That is only half of the story - become choiceless - just the beginning.. The moment you are choiceless life continues. You will not be there; life will continue. And you are nothing but a hell. Once you don’t stand between you and existence, it chooses. It has been always choosing for you. There is a proverb which says, “Man proposes and God disposes.” The reality is just the opposite: “God proposes and man goes on disposing.”

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