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Chapter 6: Happiness Is That Which Happens

This is the way of the mind, how the mind functions. Just try to understand the functioning of the mind, otherwise you will always be in chaos, confusion, in a sort of insanity. Become a watcher. Get out of the traffic of the mind, stand by the side of the road and just see. And when I say just see, I mean don’t evaluate, don’t judge. Don’t say, “This is good, that is wrong.” Once you say, “This is good,” you are no more a witness: you have jumped into the river; you are already identified, you are already in trouble. Just stand by the side of the road, or, sit on the bank of a river and let the river flow wherever it goes. You are not concerned; it is none of your business. Unconcerned, indifferent, just watching, you will suddenly be in between: neither this nor that. That in between point is the point of transcendence. Suddenly, the mind disappears with all its traffic. You are left alone, alone in tremendous purity, alone in absolute innocence, alone with no movement - silent, eternal - not going anywhere, just being here. You are not trying to become someone, something, this or that - just being yourself. And to be yourself is to be divine. To be yourself is to meditate. To be yourself is all that religion is about. This is what I’m teaching here.

I’m not teaching you a particular pattern of life. I’m not giving you a style of life. At the most, I’m trying to give you a vision, a clarity, an understanding. I’m not trying to give you a character: moral or immoral, good or bad. I’m not giving you a philosophy to live by, I’m simply giving you an insight into yourself. Then, no philosophy is needed, no pattern is needed. Then, you can just be yourself with no condemnation, with no evaluation. And that purity of being oneself, that beauty of being oneself transcends all that you can desire, transcends all that you can even conceive of, transcends all that you can ever imagine or dream about. Just a glimpse of it, and you will never be the same again.

So, this is not a question from somebody in particular. Krishna Radha has asked it, but it is not only her question; it is everybody’s question. It is one of the most basic, essential questions of all human beings, of all those who are trapped in the mind. And there is only one way out of the trap: that you don’t choose; neither this nor that - you simply don’t choose. You withdraw from choice and you become choiceless. Choicelessness is freedom. To choose is to choose a prison; to choose is to choose a bondage. To choose is wrong, to be choiceless is to be right.

The second question:

How is it possible? - I’m afraid when I feel your love deep inside me.

Love always creates fear because love is death, a greater death than the ordinary death you know of.

In an ordinary death the body dies, but that is not death at all. Body is just like a dress: when it is tatty and old you change for a new one. It is not death, it is just a change: a change of a dress, or a change of a house or abode. But you continue, the mind continues - just the same old mind in new bodies, just the same old wine in new bottles. The form changes but not the mind, the shape changes but not the mind. So the ordinary death is not a real death; love is a real death: the body does not die but the mind dies, the body continues to be the same but the ego disappears.

If you love, you will have to drop all the conceptions that you have about yourself. If you love, you cannot be the ego because the ego will not allow love. They are antagonistic. If you choose the ego you will not be able to choose love. If you choose love you will have to drop the ego. Hence, the fear.

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