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Chapter 8: The Bell Tolls for Thee

And your hesitation is nothing special. Every intelligent person is hesitant; it is part of intelligence. The mind wants to take everything into account before it takes a step. That’s why it happens sometimes: fools prove more courageous than the so-called intelligent. And it happens sometimes that fools reach faster than the so-called intelligent. Fools act and the intelligent person simply contemplates; he never acts. But just by contemplating a thing, nothing ever happens. And if contemplation becomes your chronic habit, then you are caught into it. Then one thing leads to another, and you go on moving in a circle. And the circle is vicious.

You are an intelligent person. That is your problem. That can become your great joy too! If you take the jump.it is difficult for the intelligent person to take the jump, but if he takes it, then naturally his flowering is far greater than the flowering of the unintelligent. His experience is multidimensional. And it is not only that his experience is a great celebration to him, he is also capable of sharing it with others. He can communicate it to others. The unintelligent may reach, but will not be heir to share; will be able to know, but will not be able to show.

So with the intelligent there is a problem: the problem is how to act, because the intelligence goes on keeping him hesitant, goes on keeping him in a state of paralysis: “To be or not to be? To do or not to do?” And he goes on thinking about pros and cons, and there is no end to it. This is his problem! But if he takes the jump, then there is great beauty in his jump. He will know, and he will be able to express it too. He will be able to spread it too.

And there is a kind of bliss when you spread, when you share, when you start overflowing. You ask me, “Osho - Are you sure you chose me?” I have chosen you, otherwise you would not have been here. Even though I have chosen you, you are only half here. Left to yourself you would not have been here at all. You are not here because of you - that much is absolutely certain. You are here because of me. And you are here in a reluctant way, as if always ready to escape, as if always ready to find an excuse to escape.

This is wasting opportunity. This is wasting something immensely valuable. The time that is wasted will not come back again to you. Gather courage! And I tell you: you have nothing to lose. Gather courage - you have all to gain and nothing to lose.

Even then, people are so much afraid. Even then, they go on thinking whether it is worth taking the risk. And they never think that they have nothing to lose - so why be so afraid? What risk? Risk is there if you have something to lose. Risk is in remaining hesitant, because one day I am here.one day I may not be here. Who knows about tomorrow? And when I am gone, then you will repent. But then it will be pointless, it will be too late.

I have chosen you. And I have chosen you because I know the potential.

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