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Chapter 3: The Owl and the Phoenix

Once you know, then there is no problem. You are already superior. And it is not only you that is superior - everything is superior. The whole of existence is superior without anything being inferior, because existence is one. Neither the inferior nor the superior can exist. The non-ambitious mind comes to realize this.

Now, we shall take Chuang Tzu’s sentences, this beautiful incident which really happened. Chuang Tzu was coming to the capital and the prime minister became afraid. He must have heard the news that Chuang Tzu was coming through the secret police, the CID. And politicians are always afraid, because everybody is their enemy, even friends are enemies, one has to protect oneself from friends because they too are trying to push or pull you down.

Remember, nobody is a friend. In politics, everybody is an enemy. Friendship is just a façade. In religion there is no one who is an enemy. In religion there cannot be any enemy; in politics there cannot be any friend.

The prime minister became afraid - Chuang Tzu was coming. And Chuang Tzu’s superiority was such that the prime minister thought that he might try to become prime minister. It was dangerous, and of course Chuang Tzu was superior; not superior in comparison to anybody else, he was simply superior. It was intrinsic.

When a man like Chuang Tzu moves, he is king; whether he is living like a beggar or not, it doesn’t make any difference. He is a king wherever he moves. A kingdom is not something external to him, it is something internal.

One beggar, a monk from India, went to America at the beginning of this century; his name was Ramateertha. He used to call himself “The Emperor.” The president of America came to see him; he looked around - he was just a beggar! The president asked, “I cannot understand. Why do you go on calling yourself The Emperor? You live like a beggar. You have even written a book - Why?” He had written a book: Six Orders of Emperor Ram.

Ramateertha laughed and said, “Look within me, my kingdom belongs to the inner world. Look in me. I am an emperor. My kingdom is not of this world.”

Because of this, Jesus was crucified. He was always talking of the kingdom. He was always saying, “I am the king.” He was misunderstood. The man who was the king, Herod, became alert. The viceroy, Pontius Pilate, thought this man dangerous, because he talked about the kingdom and the king, and he had declared, “I am the king of the Jews.” He was misunderstood. He was talking of a different type of kingdom, which is not of this world.

When he was being crucified the soldiers poked fun at him, threw stones and shoes at him, and just to mock him, put a crown of thorns on his head with the words, King of the Jews, written on it And when they were throwing stones and shoes at him they were saying, “Now, tell us something about the kingdom, tell us something, you king of the Jews!”

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