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Chapter 3: The Well Is Going to the Thirsty

Questions from TROS TV, Holland.

This is a kind of a paradise you have found again.
How do you manage to find these beautiful places over and over again?
.Is it a difficult question? You have been thinking such a long time.

It is a difficult question, because I never try to find any place. It is not a question of managing. This has been my experience, that if inside you are in paradise, the outside synchronizes with it automatically. If you try to manage, you will simply mismanage. If you try to find paradise, you are not going to get it.

Is the island of Crete an enlightened island? - because first Zeus and now Osho.

I am not a god, nor was the first one a god. God is simply a fiction. But godliness can be experienced anywhere, in any part of the world. This is one earth. This island is not separate.

On this island, you might know, the hippie movement started years ago. Then we had flower power and the Beatles. Does the world need you like a Mick Jagger?

No, because what I am talking about is not a fashion that comes and goes. It is something that belongs to eternity. Socrates was doing it. Gautam Buddha was doing it. Chuang Tzu was doing it. As far back as you can look you will find people working for the same idea of enlightenment. And this will continue till every man on the earth becomes enlightened. So it is not a fashion that comes and goes with the Beatles and others.

You said once that the thirsty shall come to the well, but now the well is coming to the thirsty. You are making a trip around the world. When are you coming to Holland?

Very soon.

Are they thirsty over there do you think?

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