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Chapter 5: Flowing with the Stream

Then came the explosion. Now, scientists also talk about this explosion; they call it “the big bang.” Then everything exploded. The nothingness disappeared and things appeared. It is still a hypothesis, even for scientists, because nobody can go back. For scientists it is a hypothesis, the most probable hypothesis at the most.

There are many theories proposed, propounded, but the big bang theory is generally accepted- that out of that nothingness things exploded.like a seed explodes, becomes a tree. And in the tree then millions of seeds; and then they explode. A single seed can fill the whole earth with greenery. This is what explosion means.

Have you observed the fact? - such mystery.a small seed, barely visible, can explode and fill the whole earth with forests. Not only the whole earth: all the earths possible in existence. A single seed! And if you break the seed what will you find inside it? Just nothingness, just pure nothing. Out of this nothingness, the whole has evolved.

For scientists it is just a hypothesis, an inference. For a buddha it is not a hypothesis - it is his experience. He has known this happening within himself. I will try to explain it to you, how one comes to know this beginningless beginning - because you cannot go back, but there is a way to go on moving ahead. And, just as everything moves in a circle, time also moves in a circle.

In the West the concept of time is linear; time moves in a line, horizontal; it goes on and on and on. But in the East we believe in a circular time. And the Eastern concept of time is closer to reality, because every movement is circular. The earth moves in a circle, the moon moves in a circle, the stars move in a circle. The year moves in a circle, the life moves in a circle: birth, childhood, youth, old age - again birth! What you call death is again birth. Again childhood, again youth.and the wheel goes on moving. And the year goes round and round: comes summer, and the rains, and the winter and again summer.

Everything is moving in a circle. So why should there be an exception. Time?.time also moves in a circle. One cannot go backwards, but if you go on ahead, moving ahead, one day time starts moving in a circle. You reach to the beginningless beginning, or now you can call it the endless end.

Buddha has known it, experienced it.

What the scientists call the big bang I call “cosmic orgasm.” And that seems to me more meaningful. Big bang looks a little ugly, too technological, inhuman. Cosmic orgasm - the cosmos exploded into orgasm. Millions of forms were born out of it. And it was a tremendously blissful experience, so let us call it cosmic orgasm.

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