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Chapter 3: In Accord with the Way

Nothing is lost as far as memory record is concerned. If you look into yourself, you have the whole record of the existence in you. Because you have been here from the very beginning - if there was any beginning. You have been always here. You are an intrinsic part of this existence. All that has happened to existence has happened to you also, and you carry the record.

You may not know it, but you have loved millions of times.

Again falling in love - it is nothing new, it is the very old story. You have done all the things that you are doing. You have been ambitious, you have been greedy, you accumulated wealth, you became very famous, you had prestige and power - this has happened many, many times, millions of times. And you carry deep down in the unconscious, the reservoir of memories, and whatsoever you are doing looks futile, pointless, meaningless.

I have heard:

A newspaper reporter was interviewing Mulla Nasruddin on his hundredth birthday. “If you had your life to live over,” he asked, “do you think you would make the same mistakes over again?”

“Certainly,” said the old Mulla, “but I would start a lot sooner. I would start a lot sooner..”

This is what is happening. Out of mistakes you only learn how to start them sooner, you don’t learn how to drop them. You only learn how to start them sooner and how to do them more efficiently next time.

Buddha says if you can penetrate this reservoir of memories then you will be really fed up. Then you will see - “I have been doing the same thing again and again.” And then in that state of awareness, you will start doing something new for the first time. And that will bring a thrill, a fresh air into your being.

There are two time concepts in the world. In the West, the linear time concept has been prevalent. Christians, Jews, Mohammedans - they are all offshoots of one Judaic concept of life. They have believed in the linear concept of time; that time is moving in a line. The eastern concept - the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Jainist concept - is different. It is circular. Time is moving in a circle.

If time is moving in a line, then things are not repeated again. The line goes on moving; it never comes back to meet and move on the same old track again. If time is thought to be circular, then everything is being repeated. And the eastern time concept seems to be more true - because every movement is circular.

Just watch all the movements. The seasons moving around the year are circular - again comes the summer.again, again. In the same way it moves. The earth moves in a circle, the sun moves in a circle, the stars move in a circle. And now Albert Einstein has suggested that the whole universe is also moving in a circle. Not only that - Einstein introduced a very strange concept to the physics, and that is the concept of circular space. The whole space is circular.

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