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Chapter 13: The Fragrance of Awareness

If you say “point,” it means “this”; if you say “line,” it means “this.” If you say x, the unknown has penetrated. When you use x, you are saying it is a mystery not a mathematics. So if you go deep you will come to That, but this happens only with a rare mind like Einstein, mm? It is a very long journey. In millennia, one or two persons can come to That through this, because you are going around the earth to come to your own point.

Religion says that there is no journey. There is no journey - you can find it just here and now. You can be That without going anywhere; That is here. If you miss the inside center, then you are in the this. If you can transcend this, then you will be again in That. So That is beyond this - either in or out. The beyond means the That, and not using any particular name means it is a mystery.

Metaphysics is not mathematics, it is not logic, it is a mystery. So it will be good to understand what is meant by “mystery.” It means your categories, your ordinary categories of thinking will not do. If you go on thinking in your ordinary categories you will go on moving around and around and around, but you will never reach the point. You will move about and about, but you will never reach the point. Logical categories are circular. You go on, you do much, you walk much, but you never reach.

The center is not on the periphery, otherwise you would have reached. If you go on round and round in a circle you can never reach the center. If you are walking slowly you may think, “Because I am walking slowly, that’s why I am not reaching.” You can run, still you will not reach. You can go on using any speed, but speed is irrelevant - you will not reach. The more speed, the more dizzy you will become, but you will not reach because the center is not on the circle. It is in the circle, not on the circle. You will have to leave the circle completely. You will have to drop from the periphery to the center.

Logical categories are circular. Through logic you never reach a new truth, never. Whatsoever is implied in the premises becomes apparent, but you never reach a truth. Through logic you can never come to a new experience. It is circular. The conclusion is always there. It becomes apparent, it was latent - that is the difference. But through logic you never come to realize a new phenomenon, and through logic you never come to the unknowable. The mystery can never be reached through logic because logic is anti-mystery. Logic divides and logic depends on clear-cut, solid divisions - and reality is fluid.

For example, you say a certain man is a very kind person; but this is a statement. In the meantime, while you have been making this statement, the person who was kind may now not have been so, he may have changed. You say, “I love someone.” This is a statement. But in the very statement your love may have disappeared. In this moment you are loving, in the next moment you are angry. In this moment you are kind, in the next moment you are cruel.

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