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Chapter 5: The Inner Alchemy

Awareness works in a double way: it creates a sun and it creates also a moon. We talked about how it creates a sun inside. When you become aware of whatsoever is happening in you, the innermost unconscious activities become enlightened. The very cells of your body become conscious. Your light, your consciousness, reaches to the very pores of your body. Just like the rays of the sun reaching to the earth, your inner sun, once awakened, begins to work on every cell of the body, every fiber, every nerve of the body. Your whole being is filled with light.

But this is only one part of awareness, this is one process of awareness: rays from your center going to your periphery, to the circumference. The more your rays go to the circumference, the cooler your center begins to be.

I don’t know whether you have heard of a particular theory about the sun, the outside sun. I don’t know whether it is right or not, but it is meaningful in helping to understand the inner reality. They say the sun at its deepest center is the coolest spot in the solar system. It is not hot. The heat is only on the periphery, just the circumference, not in the inner center of the sun. Because of helium gas around the sun, the heat is created; because of the helium and its chain explosion of atoms, the heat is created. And then the heat spreads to the solar family.

The sun has a body: it is the center, the solar family is the body. Our earth belongs to its body as a cell. The heat goes to the solar family, it spreads. But the sun in itself is a cold thing, absolutely cold, and its deepest center is the coldest spot in existence. It should be so, because reality exists in a polarity. If the sun is the hottest thing, it must have something inside it which balances its heat.

Just like a wheel moving on the street: the wheel moves, but in the center the hub on which it moves remains still. The movement must have something unmoving, nonmoving in the center, otherwise movement will not be possible.

In this world of manifestation, everything exists with its polar opposite. You are alive because you have death inside. You cannot be alive if you have no death inside. So don’t think that one day it suddenly happens and death comes to you. It is an inner growth; it is not something coming from the outside and happening to you. It is not something that you meet, that you encounter, no; it is something you are daily growing. One day the growth is complete and you are dead. It is an inner phenomenon. You are alive with a death center. You cannot be alive without a death center. Nothing exists without the polar opposite. Life and death are just two positive and negative realities.

So it looks logical, dialectical also, but it is not yet proved that the sun has a center which is the polar opposite to its heat on the circumference: a cold spot, an absolutely cold spot. It may be true, it may not be; that is irrelevant. But inside it is absolutely true.

When you become aware, the heat begins to travel towards your circumference. Each cell of your body will become heated, warm, because of the awareness penetrating. The second thing, the counterpart will be: your center of being will become cooler and cooler and cooler. That is the moon. This is the sun, this warmth spreading, this light spreading.

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