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Chapter 3: Tariqa - The Method

But that is a fallacy. Once the man is gone, within a few years time those vibes that were created, and the echoes of those vibes that were created, will by and by disappear into nothingness.

The sharia is the superficial core of religion - the body. Beware of sharia.

The second layer is called haqiqa. The sharia is the circumference of a circle - haqiqa. The word haqiqa comes from haq. Haq means truth - pure truth. Haqiqat! That’s why Mansoor declared, “Ana’l haq! - I am the truth.” Haqiqa means the truth; pure, uncontaminated by anything. Haqiqa means the center of the circumference, the very soul of religion.

At the point of sharia there is Mohammedanism, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism; at the point of haqiqa there is Sufism, Zen, Hasidism, Yoga. Remember it. To become a Mohammedan is not of much use, but to become a Sufi is immensely valuable. To become a Buddhist is just changing your clothes, but to become a follower of Zen is really moving towards transformation. To remain a Jew is nothing, but to be a Hasid is great splendor. This is the second point: the innermost core.

At the first, sharia, there is politics, society, morality and a thousand and one things. Because of sharia the Koran is so full of social rules - so full of social rules. Because of sharia the Vedas are so full of rubbish. Because of sharia Manusmriti reads only as if it is a treatise on law. Only few and far between will you find real statements about religion. They are there - even in Manusmriti they are there. In the Vedas they are there, in the Koran they are there, but only few and far between. Only if you are really in search of them will you be able to find them, otherwise the diamond is lost in the mud - the mud is too much. The mud is sharia; the diamond is Sufism.

Always rush towards the center; never become too attached to the body. Create this continuous awareness of looking into depth, of looking into the center of the circumference. And the circumference is big, the center is very small.

Islam is a great crowd, so is Hinduism, so is Christianity. Sufis you can count on your fingers; yogis you can count on your fingers; Hasids or Zen masters you can count on your fingers. They don’t exist like the crowd, you will have to search for them. And if you have a real desire to find them, only then will you find them - otherwise you will miss.

For the sharia you need not go in search anywhere, the sharia comes in search of you. The mullah comes to convert you to Islam and the Buddhist monk comes to convert you to Buddhism. But if you want to search for a Sufi or a Hasid you will have to move, you will have to become a sincere seeker. And you will have to learn many things on the way - because for one real master there are ninety-nine false masters, and the false will appeal to you more because you are false. The false will appeal to you more because you understand the language of the false. The real may not appeal to you at all, the real may sometimes create fear in you.

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