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Chapter 2: Zen Is like Wild Flowers

Mohammed is the last prophet. Why this insistence on being last? Why not be first? But being last means you are closing the doors. Now the Holy Koran will remain, forever and forever, the only directions and guidance for the followers. It cannot take note of the changing circumstances; it cannot take note of the changing consciousness of man, his changing and deepening insight into reality. Christians are waiting for Christ. These are the tricks - one day Christ will come and he has promised them, “Soon.” The “soon” seems to be very long.He cannot come again. He can only come in those same circumstances that existed in Judea two thousand years ago. Now, declaring oneself the only begotten son of God.any child will laugh.

Two small children were sitting on the steps of their house. The small one asked, “I wonder why these Christian bishops and cardinals are called ‘father.’ They don’t have any children.”

But the question, although it has come from a small child - and what is always being done to children’s questions is, “Just wait. In time, in your maturity, you will know” - even Jesus never asked it. And if you are the only begotten son of God.is God so miserly? And at that time I don’t think there were available any birth control methods.

Why did he stop at one? The same problem from a different angle. He has to stop at Jesus because somebody may later on declare, “I am another son of God.” But what is the problem? Jesus has no proofs so evidence cannot be asked. Any idiot.and idiots are abundant, you try to seek one and you will find a thousand!

It happened in Baghdad, the capital of Mohammedanism, that a man was brought to Khalif Omar. He was claiming to be the latest messenger from God. “Mohammed is perfectly right but things have changed and a new dispensation from the direct source is needed.” Mohammed cannot be bypassed in this way.

Omar said, “Listen. You will be beaten for seven days - no food, no water - and then I will come to see you in the jail. I hope by that time you have changed your mind.”

The man laughed. He said, “These were exactly God’s last instructions to me: ‘People will not believe you. Even a man of the insight of Omar will first test you.’ So I am available.” He was taken to the prison, tied to a pole, naked, and beaten - no food, no water, no sleep. It was real torture.

After seven days when Omar came, he asked the man, whose whole body was oozing blood, but his eyes were glittering, shining, “Have you changed your mind?”

He said, “I was thinking to change but these seven days have proved to me that I am the prophet. That’s what God said to me, ‘You will be tortured. You will be harassed. You may be killed.’ You have fulfilled all this and made me more certain. I was a little hesitant and it felt a little embarrassing to call myself a messenger of God.”

At the same time at the next pole another man was tied. He had come a month before and he had not come with any Koran, any message from God. He declared that, “Because all the prophets have failed - Mohammed included - I finally decided to come myself.” Now this is too much for fanatic, fascist fundamentalists. The man shouted from his pole, “Omar, don’t be deceived by this man. After Mohammed I have not appointed any messenger.”

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