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Chapter 28: Death Never Happens to You

So you can go into the past and try to clean your mind of all memories. But it is almost impossible to finish if you do this, because the moment you have finished with this life, another one immediately starts. When you have finished with that one, another life(. Buddha tried it, but it is non-ending.

When you have finished with your lives as a human being, you have still to go into your lives as animals and trees and rocks, and you can go on and on. In fact, (turning to the primal therapist) you never really come to the primal. To come to the primal means to come to the very beginning of existence, and that’s not possible. There has never been any beginning, because existence is without a beginning; it has always been there. If you go on cleaning, it is non-ending. You can clean a little spot, that’s all, but you cannot clean your whole being.

Then isn’t it possible to reach to the purest point in you? It is possible, directly, now, with no need to go into the past. You can take a jump directly from the present moment, and become alert and aware. Suddenly everything is just on the surface, just ripples on the surface, and you are not bothered. In fact you don’t belong to it, nor it to you. A great distance exists between you and all that has happened to you.

It is good to try - then one becomes more aware - but there is no need for you to. Just become more and more aware. Just remain alert, and happily alert. Don’t make it a serious thing; be happily, joyfully alert! Good.


I feel that my heart is opening. I don’t know what exactly has happened in this group, but I can feel it.

Very good. There are things that you can only feel but never say, and they are the real things. Things that you can relate and describe are worthless. When something really happens it is indescribable. You cannot say it but you can feel it; it permeates your whole being.

Try to live from the heart more and more. Whenever it happens that your heart is feeling a little open, don’t miss that opportunity, because the door to the divine is open in that moment. Catch hold of it and taste it as much as you can, so by and by it becomes part of your life.

Feel more - because you had a closed heart - and if a little opening has come to it, help it to become more and more open. Otherwise you will fall again and again into the old pattern and your heart will close again. Then it will remain a memory; then by and by you start forgetting, wondering if it really happened or not.

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