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Chapter 20: Everything Is Love

I have heard a story of a Zen master. He was always teaching his disciples that celibacy is categorical; without it you cannot enter into nirvana, the kingdom of God. The poor disciples were trying hard to be celibate. It is really doing something unnatural, almost impossible. They were all feeling guilty. And then the master died. His last words were, “Remember, celibacy is the foundation of religion.”

After a few days one of the disciples died, and the moment he entered paradise he was so full of joy that now he would be meeting his master. He had been with the master for thirty, forty years. He saw the master sitting by the bank of a beautiful river under the shadow of a very huge and ancient tree, with a beautiful naked woman sitting in his lap. The disciple could not believe his eyes, “What is happening?” Still, just out of old habit, he fell at the master’s feet and asked, “What is happening? What happened to celibacy?”

The master said, “You will always remain an idiot! This is the reward for all my celibacy. Now I can enjoy as many women as I want. And here no woman grows old, no woman perspires, no woman has menstrual periods; you cannot improve upon the women that are available here. Their very bodies are fragrant; they don’t use French perfumes.” But the poor disciple was at a loss. It was such a shock.

This is the situation of all the religions. All the things that they deny people here, they will give a million times more as a reward in paradise. Naturally, the poor human being is pulled: To be or not to be? To enjoy a woman here or to wait just a few years more and enjoy for eternity as many women as you want? No marriage happens in heaven; all marriages happen in the churches. And they say that marriage is made in heaven. In heaven there are no couples, only individuals. The poor man is pulled apart. His fear of hell represses him, his greed for heaven represses him, and so many problems of day-to-day living. He has no time to think of enlightenment. He has no time to think that there is anything more than this miserable world.

And this is a created situation, because only in such a situation can you keep them enslaved. You can send them to Vietnam to kill innocent people, without any hitch. You can send your pilots to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki within seconds, without any feeling. You have turned people into robots. Millions of people around the earth are in the armies, just functioning like robots. And those who are not in the armies are also imprisoned in some kind of social, political, religious ideology. It is so difficult to find an individual who is clean, completely clean.

And that’s my whole effort: to create a completely clean human being - unburdened of the past, unburdened of any guilt, unburdened of fear and greed, unburdened of politicians and priests - just clean, so clean that he becomes a mirror. And in that mirror you see for the first time where the door is. In that mirror the door reflects.

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