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Chapter 9: The Discipline beyond Discipline

And logicians go on doing somersaults, they go on changing their standpoints, because in fact they have not come to anything that is really real, just their mind games. One day one game, another day another game; they go on changing. They remain consistent - consistent with their own train of thought, but inconsistent with reality.

I have heard:

“It is difficult to explain what a course of logic will do for a person’s thinking, but let me illustrate,” said Mulla Nasruddin to his son. “Suppose two men came out of a chimney. One is clean, one dirty. Which one will take a bath?”

“The dirty one, naturally,” answered the boy.

“Remember,” chided Nasruddin, “that the clean man sees the dirty one and sees how dirty he is, and vice versa.”

“Now I get it, Dad,” answered the boy. “The clean one, seeing his dirty companion, concludes he is dirty too. So he takes the bath. Am I right now?”

“Wrong,” said Nasruddin nonchalantly. “Logic teaches us this - how could two men come out of a chimney, one clean and one dirty?”

Once you start playing the game of logic there is no end to it, and you will never win. The logician will always win. The logician will always win because you can always find a way. And you have nothing to compare with, you have no reality. That’s why so many philosophies exist, and all opposing each other, and not a single conclusion has been arrived at yet.

Down the centuries, almost for five thousand years, man has argued; man has not been doing much, but just arguing. Thousands of philosophies have been created, very neat and clean logic. If you read one philosopher you will be convinced. If you read his opponent you will be convinced. Read the third one, you will be convinced - and you will be getting into a mess. By and by you will be convinced by all and you will be mad, because you will not know now what is true. They are all wrong because the logical approach is wrong.

There are two ways to know reality. One is: just close your eyes and think about it. I call it “about-ism.” It is always about and about, it never goes directly. You go on beating around the bush. You never beat exactly the bush - just around. You never penetrate the center of a problem, you simply go round and round. It is a merry-go-round. You can enjoy it - logicians enjoy very much. It is so beautiful to come with a new theory which explains everything - but it is just in the mind. You close your eyes, sit on your easy chair and think about. This is not going to give you reality.

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