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Chapter 20: Tears of Gratitude

But he thought, “In case he comes and finds us unprepared, it will be very embarrassing - particularly for me, because I have been informed.” He thought it is better to feel embarrassed before the priests than before God, so he called all the priests and told them, “This has happened in the dream, and there is a very deep feeling in me that something is going to happen.”

And they all laughed and they said, “You are getting senile, old! You should retire now from being the chief priest. You have started dreaming: God coming to give a visit to the temple! Have you ever heard.?”

He said, “I have never heard, but the dream was so real that I could not control myself without sharing it with you. Now it is up to you. My feeling, as your chief, is that there is no harm. We can clean the whole temple; it has not been cleaned for years. Even if he does not come, the temple will be clean. We can clean every statue. So much dust has gathered everywhere. And we can prepare a good, delicious meal. When he comes we can offer it to him. We have been offering to his statues, so today we can make food that is a little more special, the best we can. We can bring flowers and we can put candles around the temple if he comes not in the day, but in the night.”

So from that very morning there was great work going on - cleaning, making food, decorating the temple with flowers. And it looked really beautiful. And they were all waiting, and people were running to the door to see whether he has come, because they could see the road for miles from there. It was on a hilltop.

The road was empty. Nobody was coming.

Finally, by the end of the evening they were utterly tired; they could not do the worship. They were all feeling guilty. Moreover, they had worked - all this decoration, this special food - and there was no information even about whether he has canceled his program or not.

They fell asleep early. They had lighted candles; the whole temple was looking like a festival of lights on the top of the hill. It was a beautiful scene on the top of the hill. Still, once in a while somebody would wake up and go to the door to see whether he was coming or not. But it was getting halfway through the night and they said, “We just got taken over by that senile idiot’s idea, wasted our whole day and got tired. This is no time for a visit - in the middle of the night. It is better we go to sleep,” and they closed the doors. Up to then they were keeping them open. They closed the doors, locked the doors, locked the windows, went to sleep and forgot all about God.

And then he came. And there is a sentence in that poem: “He always comes when you forget. He always comes when you are not even aware that he is coming. He always comes to the desire-less mind, to the silent mind.”

He came in a chariot. A golden chariot comes, stops at the gate. The doors are closed. He gets down.

The sound of the chariot wheels in the silence of the night, in the sleep of the priests..

Somebody said, “Perhaps a chariot is coming.”

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