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Chapter 41: Times of Crisis Are Just Golden

I had made it clear to every teacher, “You can fail me, it doesn’t matter. Whether I pass a class in two years or three years does not matter. This whole life is so useless - somewhere I have to pass my life. I can pass my whole life in this school, but I will make your life hell, because once the fear of failing disappears then I can do anything.” So even the teachers who were against me were giving me more marks than needed just to help me move into another class, so I was no longer a burden to them.

If parents really love children, they will help them to be courageous - courageous even against themselves. They will help them to be courageous against teachers, against society, against anybody who is going to destroy their individuality.

And that’s what I mean: the new mind will have these different qualities. The children born under the new mind and the new man will not be treated the way they have been treated down the centuries. They will be encouraged to be themselves, to be assertive, to be self-respectful. And that will change the whole quality of life. It will become more shiny, alive, and more juicy.