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Chapter 17: Truth Is Dangerous

I said, “Never. Don’t touch my body. If you touch my body, if anything happens to me, you will be responsible. It is up to me to take medicine or not. I am not sick, I don’t need your medicines. And the problems that I have, you don’t give any medicine for - for that you have created exactly the situation in which my problem will increase.”

In every jail I was put in a place where two television sets were on for twenty-four hours a day at full volume. Sleep was impossible. And the whole place was full of smoke; I could not breathe.

They did everything they could. And when they could not manage to destroy me in any way, the final thing was to put a bomb under my chair. It was just that the bomb was compassionate towards me - they could not fix the time, it was a time bomb. I had gone to the court and they were not clear at what time I would be back. They had calculated rightly that the court would be closed at five, so they placed the bomb accordingly. But I came nearabout three o’clock, because there was no question. They had a list of one hundred and thirty-six crimes that I had committed, and they knew that all was fiction, and if it went to trial the government of America was going to lose the case. The government would not have liked to lose the case, a case against a single individual. So before the court started they asked my attorneys for negotiations. It is rare, because when you are fighting against the government you ask for negotiations, not the government. When the government asks for negotiations it means it has no valid grounds, no proof of any crimes. They simply used blackmail.

The attorney general of America told my attorneys, “To be frank, we don’t have any proof of any crime, so we don’t want the trial to happen. And we don’t want the government to lose the case either, it is a question of prestige. So we have a solution: if Osho accepts two crimes out of one hundred and thirty-six then we will drop the trial. For those two crimes he will be punished, and the case is finished. If you insist on going to trial because you know that you will win, we have to make it clear to you: first, if you don’t accept these two crimes we are not going to allow the judge to grant bail. And the case can be prolonged for twenty years; for these twenty years Osho will be in jail. And anyway, if we see that we are losing the case we can finish the man” - clear-cut blackmail.

My attorneys came with tears in their eyes, “We have never in our whole lives” - and they were the topmost attorneys of America - “we have never seen such a case, where they themselves say that they don’t have any crimes, any evidence against you. They propose that you accept two crimes and the case is finished - if you don’t accept the crime then they are threatening to prolong the case for twenty years and they will not give you bail. And there is every possibility that if they see that they are going to lose the case they can kill you. But they will not in any way want the world to know that they have lost a case against a single individual.”

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