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Chapter 9: Intrinsic Imperfection

Thoughts are like smoke and you are the flame. When there are too many thoughts the flame is lost in the smoke. Then one feels that one is just smoke - but I know that wherever there is smoke, there is bound to be a flame. Smoke cannot exist on its own.

In India we have another proverb - just like that but better. We say: Wherever there is smoke, there is bound to be a flame.

So don’t be worried.go back and smoke a little more!


I have two problems, one of which concerns sex. What can I do?

Will you be here in Pune for a few days?

I don’t know. I like to play the traditional sadhu baba game..

Then sex will remain a problem - that is part of old sadhu baba. Don’t try to solve it because all old sadhu babas are so; that is part of it, that is part of the game.

If you really want to get rid of the sexual problem then that nonsense won’t do. The whole past of humanity has suffered from sexual problems, and only modern man is becoming a little alert about solving it, and that too, only a little. The future will solve it - the past was too sex-obsessed. So now I understand where the problem is; it is clear. Either you drop that old game - be modern - or suffer.

What does it mean to be modern?

For that you will have to be here for a few months, and do a few therapies. I cannot say anything that will solve it immediately.

It is not an intellectual problem. It has to do with your body, your mind, your whole system - so a few therapies will be needed. Work will have to be done on your body and your mind. You have been suppressing, and when you suppress, things become problematic. You are too complex inside.

So you can go on playing the game, but you are wasting your whole life. You are not befooling anybody else; you are befooling yourself. Don’t waste life. Use it to solve your problems, because unless you are completely clear of problems, you cannot know what life is. And much work is needed.so think about it. If you want to be here then work can be started, mm?


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