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Chapter 4: This Harvest Moon

Ananda did not want to go, because he had seen that it had become so dirty that it would take days to have that same crystal-clear quality that Buddha remembered.

He said, “Don’t be worried. I will bring water, but I will have to go in the other direction. Ahead there is a big river. It will take a little longer time, because it must be four miles from here, but it will be fresh water, drinkable water. You rest here.”

Buddha insisted, “Don’t change your mind, just go back.” And when the master says, “Just go back.” Unwillingly, deep down resisting, Ananda went back and was surprised and shocked that meanwhile the leaves had gone and the dirt had settled. He had not even to wait, the water was as crystal-clear as it was before! All that was foreign - the dirt, the dead leaves - had all gone. The water had come to its purity. He filled the begging bowl of Gautam Buddha.

But insistently he was aware of the question, “Why was Buddha so adamant that I have to come back here to bring water? He needs water.I could have brought it from another stream. Why this stream? There must be some reason.”

And as he came back towards Buddha the reason became clear. Just as the leaves and the dirt, which are not natural to the stream - which are foreign visitors, tourists - are bound to leave sooner or later.. Suddenly he realized what Buddha meant - that your thoughts, your emotions, your sentiments, all are foreign to your buddha nature. If you just wait patiently they all will disappear without any effort on your side. Your purity will assert itself on its own accord. The buddha arising in you is a spontaneous phenomenon.

This was the story I had told in the Bodhgaya conference. Anand Kausalyayan was interested; the story was really beautiful. It was an absolutely clear explanation of Buddhist meditation. You have just to wait, don’t do anything - otherwise you will make things muddled. Just wait by the side, watch and be patient, and it is going to happen.

He said, “The story really impressed me, but now that I know that it is not in the scriptures.”

I said, “Does it interest you or not? Because it is not in the scriptures, has it lost its significance?”

He said, “I have never encountered a person like you, who says, ‘What I am saying, put it down into your scripture.’ I would love to do it, but it is not according to tradition, and nobody will accept it.”

I said, “It does not matter, you accepted.”

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