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Chapter 9: Say Goodbye to Politics - Not to Science

That small mechanism will destroy millions of labs around the world, will make them useless, and the technicians who are employed there will become unemployed. Now nobody is ready to produce this instrument; everybody is ready to take the patent and then hold it! And the patent will remain in the files and you will never know that a tremendously useful thing exists, that you could have had in your own home, in every home, and there is no need to take the blood out.

And it could manage many things; it could tell not only how much sugar the blood has, it could tell whether the blood is carrying AIDS virus..

Naturally, no government is ready to declare how many people in its country are homosexuals and how many people are suffering from AIDS, because it is a question of prestige. I have been informed by my sannyasins because many of my sannyasins are scientists, in many different countries that they have been ordered, doctors and surgeons, that “even if you find a person who is suffering from AIDS, give him a negative certificate.” The reasons are clear: “We don’t want to let the world know that our country has homosexuals, that people are suffering from a deadly disease.”

And once you say that you are suffering from AIDS, terrible are going to be the consequences. The man will be hated by his own family, by his own children, by his own wife, by his own parents, by his own friends. But that is not the problem for the government. The government’s problem is that you will have to admit him into the hospital, and no doctor wants to treat a man who is suffering from AIDS because every possibility is that the doctor will also start suffering from AIDS.

Even perspiration carries the virus. That’s why I have given you a new greeting, “Yaa-Hoo!” Never shake hands, because who knows? If the other hand has a little perspiration on it you are unnecessarily getting into trouble! It is better to say “Yaa-Hoo” and run away clean, hygienic. Stop hugging people.

Nurses are not ready to serve a patient who has AIDS, because it is not just a question of sexual involvement. His saliva will carry the virus.Never, even out of compassion if you find a small child with a runny nose, don’t touch, because even children are born now with the AIDS virus from their very birth. The runny nose is a very dangerous thing.

And they are working out that there may be other possibilities for the virus to spread. Anything that comes out of the body carries it. It is very dangerous to eat in a restaurant; one never knows who has been washing the plates.

No government wants to be involved in such difficult situations. No doctor wants his hospital to be involved. So the best way is simply to give the person a negative certificate. But this is very inhuman, because if that man has a negative certificate.Perhaps in the whole world this is the only AIDS-free place. But we became worried when it came to light that people were bringing certificates which doctors are giving out of fear that otherwise they will have to treat them. And in a few poor countries doctors are even selling negative certificates. We had to order a machine, to be installed in the ashram, so that we can check every certificate to confirm whether it is authentic or not.

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