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Chapter 12: Kundalini Will Transform You

But we are in a ridiculous state; we take one step forward and immediately we take another step back. We put one brick in place to build a house, and the next moment we remove it. Thus we have both together - the pleasure of building a house and the sorrow of not having it finished. All day we build a wall, and when night comes we pull it down with our own hands. And then we complain how difficult it is to build a house.

Try to understand this double bind structure of the mind. And the only way to understand it is this: Be prepared for what you imagine to be the worst. This imagined worst is that your blood vessels will be damaged. Let them be damaged. What would you do if you save them, say, for thirty or forty years? You will be a clerk in some office for these thirty years. You will eat, sleep, and produce a few children. These children, in their turn, will grow up and become husbands and wives, this and that, like you. And when you die, you will leave them behind to worry about their blood vessels being damaged. What else will you do?

If we realize that the life we are trying to save has nothing in it that is worth saving, only then can we stake our all; otherwise it is impossible. We should be very clear in our minds that what we are so strenuously trying to save is not worth the labor. We should also realize that nothing is saved, in spite of everything we do to save it. And if we understand that clearly, then there is no problem whatsoever. Then you will be prepared for everything, even for blood vessels being damaged.

Blood vessels are not really going to be damaged. It has never happened in the past. It will be an extraordinary event if you make it happen. You will set a new record.