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Chapter 50: Session 50

It is good that I cannot see, but I know what is going on. But what can you do? You have to follow your own technology, and with a man like me, naturally you are in a great difficulty. I am tied and can’t help you.

Ashu, can you do something? Just a little laughter on your side will help him keep quiet. It is a very strange thing, when somebody else starts laughing the other person stops. The reason is clear, not to them, but to me. The person who was laughing immediately thinks that he is doing something wrong, and of course becomes serious.

So when you see Devageet is going a little off the road, laugh, defeat him; it is a question of female liberation. And if you give a good laugh he will immediately start taking his notes. You have not even started yet, and he has come to his senses.

I was telling you yesterday that I jumped from the tree that night, not to hurt the poor teacher but to let him know what kind of student he had. But it went too far. Even I was surprised when I saw him so terrified. He was just fear. The man disappeared.

For a moment I even thought to put an end to it, thinking, “He is an old man; perhaps he may die or something, may go mad, or may never return to his house,” because he could not reach his house without again passing that tree - there was no other way. But it was too late. He had run away leaving his pants behind.

I collected them and went to my grandmother and said, “These are the pants, and you thought he was going to teach me? This pair of pants?”

She said, “What happened?”

I said, “Everything has happened. The man has run away naked, and I don’t know how he will manage to reach his home. And I am in a hurry; I will tell you the whole story later on. You keep the pants. If he comes here, give them to him.”

But strange, he never came back to our house to collect his pants which remained there. I even nailed them to the neem tree so that if he wanted to take them, there would be no need to ask me. But to take his pants from the neem tree meant releasing the ghost that he thought had jumped on him.

Thousands of people as they passed the neem tree must have seen those pants. People came there as a kind of psychoanalysis, an effective - what do you call it, Devaraj? Plassbo?

“Placebo, Bhagwan.”



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