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Chapter 24: Bring in the New Man

So too is the Taj Mahal. In a full moon night, if you sit silently by the side of it, not being bothered about the history of the Taj Mahal and who created it and why.those are all nonsense, irrelevant facts, they don’t matter: Shah Jahan and his beloved, and the memory of his beloved.he created it. Don’t be bothered by the guides; tip them before they start torturing you, and get rid of them!

Shah Jahan has nothing to do with the Taj Mahal, in fact. Yes, he created it, he created it as a memorial to his wife, but he is not the essential source of it. The essential source is in the Sufi way of life, it is in Sufism. Basically it was created by Sufi masters; Shah Jahan was just instrumental. And the Sufi masters have created something of immense value. If you silently sit in the full moon night just looking at the Taj Mahal, sometimes with open eyes and sometimes with closed eyes, slowly, slowly you will feel something that you have never felt before. Sufis called it zikr, remembrance of God.

The beauty of the Taj Mahal will remind you of those realms from where all beauty, all benediction comes. You will become attuned with the Sufi way of remembering God: beauty is God.

Don’t try to repress this urge. Create in any way that suits you. My message has to be delivered in all possible mediums.

In the new commune we are going to have many guilds. The sculptors will have their own world and they will sculpt, and the poets will have their own guild, and the painters and the carpenters and the dancers and the musicians and the novelists and the filmmakers. All possible media have to be used to approach as many people as possible, to approach as many different kinds of people as possible - because one who can understand poetry may not understand prose, and one who can understand music may not understand painting, and one who can understand sculpture may not understand poetry.

And the message is so important because the whole future of humanity depends on it. Nowhere else is the experiment being done on such a great scale. There is no other community on the whole earth which is working in such a way as this commune. This is the greatest therapeutic center in the world now.

We need a great therapeutic center so that the modern mind can be helped to vomit, cathart all that has gone wrong in it. And then we will need creators. And once somebody has catharted and thrown out all that is wrong, a great urge will arise in him to create.

Once pathology disappears, everybody becomes a creator. Let it be understood as deeply as possible: only ill people are destructive. The people who are healthy are creative. Creativity is a kind of fragrance of real health. When a person is really healthy and whole, creativity comes naturally to him, the urge to create arises.

This urge is being felt by many just like you. Do something for it - and whatsoever you do is good. Follow your own urge, don’t distort it. In the beginning it will remain vague, but if you follow it, soon it will become clear, more and more clear. And if you start doing something about it, things will become very clear very soon.

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