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Chapter 21: Of the Meeting with a Higher Man

Zarathustra is very clear about it: all your prayers and all your worshipping show immaturity. It shows a longing for a father-figure; it shows your fear of being alone. It also shows your fear that life is insecure. God is your security, God is your insurance. That’s why all religious scriptures go on repeating, again and again, that God will save you, and that God has been sending messengers to save men.

But the reality is that man is not saved at all. Looking at man Zarathustra seems to be right: God must be dead, because man is living in such anguish, in such agony, that if there was really a “Father God,” he would have done something. He is supposed to be omnipotent, all-powerful, and he cannot remove man’s misery, he cannot remove man’s tensions, he cannot help man to sing again, dance again under the stars?

Looking at man and his psychology, Zarathustra’s conclusion seems to be absolutely correct - God must be dead. And the people who have pretended to be his messengers, prophets, incarnations have not helped a bit. They talked about saving man, but man goes on falling from his dignity, from his humanity, from his self-respect.

Just a few days ago in Palestine, the people asked the government that they should be allowed to eat human flesh, because there is a shortage of food and there are so many people dying - out of starvation, and people are dying from terrorists and their bombs. These corpses should not be anymore given back to the earth; they should be given to people who don’t have enough to eat. It looks like a strange demand, but the government has conceded to it. Now in Palestine, to eat human flesh is legal.

And that’s how things go. First they will eat the people who die naturally; they will eat the people who are killed by the terrorists, and then soon they will start killing people just to eat. Shopkeepers will start having professional killers to kill children, because the cannibals say that the meat of children is the most delicious thing in the world.

If there is a God who loves, who is compassionate, for what is he waiting? Looking at the reality, what is happening in Palestine is going to happen in almost three-fourths of the world, by the end of this century. Palestine is just a pioneer. And I am amazed that the Palestinian government has not been criticized by anybody, from any source. No government, no religious leaders, no philanthropists have condemned this as ugly.

Perhaps they know that it is going to become a necessity soon in other lands too. But man becoming a cannibal is the last fall. Even animals don’t eat of their own species. No lion will eat another lion. He may die hungry, the dead body of the other lion may be available, but he will not eat it. Except man, no animal has even tried to eat of its own species. And man is God’s greatest creation. The Bible says he created man in his own image. If man is really God’s image then God is not very godly. Man may be the image of the devil, but not of God.

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