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Chapter 5: This Moment Is More than Enough

For two years, they wait for someone to rescue them, but nobody comes. Then finally, the man pursues the nun, saying: “Forget all about the world. Forget all about your vows of celibacy and this and that. Let us start living, because there is nobody coming to rescue us.”

So they started making love. A bit reluctantly, the nun finally agreed. After all, a nun is also a woman. His idea finally entered the heart of the woman, because all your religion is only in the head; it never reaches to your heart. It never reaches to your body, it never reaches to your biology.

They were making love for two months and then the woman started feeling very guilty, because her conditioning was such that she has betrayed Jesus Christ, she has betrayed her religion. A nun is a bride of Jesus Christ, and this ugly fellow.but she is stuck with him on this island. She felt so bad about it that she committed suicide.

Two months after her death, the man started feeling that what he was doing was very bad. He was making love to the dead woman. He felt so bad.but a man is after all a man, and he was not a religious man. He buried the woman. Out of feeling bad, he buried the woman.

One of my friends informed me that it was a very crude joke. And just today, I received a press clipping: In Pakistan, a man has been caught red-handed - he has pulled out a dead woman from the grave and he was making love to her.

Now what do you say? And that man is not an exception. It is a fact recorded by history that Cleopatra - perhaps one of the most beautiful women, at least mythologically; but she was a historical person - was raped after she died. And she was raped not by one man but by many men. According to custom, for three days, the body had to remain outside the grave. In those three days, she was attacked again and again in the night by a group of people and raped. She was dead.

My joke may seem crude to you but in fact, I am trying to tell you actual facts about your inhumanity to other human beings, your barbarousness, your ugliness. In a joke, you think, “It is just a joke.” I am trying my best to make it as little crude as possible. But it is a strange world..

Holland has denied me entry on one ground: that I have been speaking against homosexuals, and that hurts the feelings of homosexuals. My entry is refused by the parliament of Holland and the reason is that I have been speaking against homosexuals. One cannot even speak against perversions!

Just now, a few governments have informed how many people are suffering from AIDS. Not all the governments of the world - for example, the governments of the East are completely silent, because before you can declare it, you will have to test millions of people. India has a population now of nine hundred million people who would have to be tested.

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