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Chapter 6: Politics and Love

When love flows without any future, it is a tremendous energy. When love flows without motivation it helps, and nothing helps like it. Once you feel that even one single human being accepts you as you are, you feel centered. You are not unwelcome in this existence: at least one human being accepts you unconditionally. That gives you a grounding, a centering. That gives you a feeling that you are at home.

And the more you are at home, the closer you will be to God - because deepest in your heart is he. When you are close to yourself you are close to him. When you are centered, you are in him. When you are far away from yourself, you are far away from God. The distance between you and yourself is the distance between you and the God, and there is no other distance. So whosoever says, “Become somebody else,” is throwing you away from God. You will become false, you will carry masks. You will have personalities, character, and a thousand other things, but you won’t have a soul, you won’t have the essential. You will not be an awareness; you will be a deception, a pseudo phenomenon - not authentic.

So when I say help, teach, I am not giving you any idea to teach them. I am saying: just create a climate around people. Wherever you move, carry the climate of love and compassion, and help the other to be himself.

That is the most difficult thing in the world - to help the other to be himself - because that is against your ego. Your ego would like to make imitators of people. You would like everybody to imitate you; you would like it that you become the archetype and everybody follows you. Then your ego will be very, very fulfilled. You will think of yourself as the blueprint. Everybody is just to follow you here: you become the center and everybody becomes the false. No, the ego will not like that idea. It wants to change according to you.

Who are you to change anybody? Don’t take that responsibility. That is dangerous; that is how Adolf Hitlers are born. They take the responsibility of changing the whole world according to them.

There is much difference between a Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler, but deep down no difference at all, because both have ideas of changing the world according to them. One may be using violent methods, the other may be using nonviolent methods, but both are using methods to change the other according to themselves. One may be using the bayonet, another is threatening you: “I will go on a long fast if you don’t follow me.” One may be threatening to kill you, and the other may be threatening that he will kill himself “.if you don’t follow me,” but both are using force, both are creating situations in which you can be forced to be something else - that you don’t want to be, that you never wanted to be. They both are politicians. Neither Hitler loves you, nor Gandhi loves you.

Gandhi talks about love, but he does not love. He cannot love, because the very idea - the ideal of how you should be - creates trouble. There is only one way of loving people: love them as they are. And this is the beauty: that when you love them as they are, they change. Not according to you - they change according to their reality. When you love them, they are transformed - not converted, transformed. They become new, they attain newer heights of being. But that happens in their being, and it happens according to their nature.

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