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Chapter 21: Totality Transforms Quality

But very great intensity is needed, mm? So if you are really intense - and the intensity will come the more you will be there, far away - when you really feel the urge to be near me, keep this box in your hand this way, [Osho places the small wooden box in his left hand with the right one covering it] as if you are protecting something tremendously valuable, delicate, fragile.a flower. Then close your eyes and just remember me. Just remember as I am sitting here, just the same way. And immediately the whole climate will change. Either I will have to be there, or you will be here, but the climate will change. Good.

And go happily..


Participants in the Encounter group are here to speak to Osho tonight.

The group was beautiful. I’m beginning to realize that I’ve been here a long time, but I’ve never really let myself get close to you, or to feel you. keep far away. You hold yourself too much, and it is time now to relax and come close.because it is a sheer wastage. We miss much unnecessarily. It is just that the ego goes on insisting to keep away, because if you can keep yourself away, the ego can remain. The fear is that if you come closer, the closer you come to me, the further away you will be from your ego - and you have to choose. Now you cannot stay away! One has to decide one day that now the moment has come.


The group was fantastic, but I don’t know how to say it in words.

It is difficult. When something is fantastic, it is difficult to say anything.but I understand. It has been good!


I’ve just been hiding myself all my life. I don’t want to hide.

You have, but now there is nowhere to hide. Once you decide not to hide yourself, all the skies are available. People live in dark holes because of their own stupid decisions - and then they cannot celebrate life.

Fear cannot celebrate, and it is fear that is trying to hide. Once the fear is dropped everything becomes possible, because fear dropped, you attain to freedom. Freedom is the quality of godliness, the quality of a man who has tasted godliness, and fear is the quality of a man who has not yet tasted godliness. These are the only dimensions - fear and freedom. Either you move in fear or you move in freedom.

Good! Come out of your hole!

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