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Chapter 1: You Simply Are

All that is needed is to pass through life as a reflecting mirror, not as the film of a camera. The film of a camera catches hold of whatever is reflected on it - that is its function. The mirror also reflects but it never catches it. Things go on passing - the camera goes on filling with new pictures, reflections, but the mirror remains empty.

Remain empty in this world not holding on to anything, and you have entered into a new field of energy which is your own. You have just been neglecting it because you were too occupied with unnecessary non-essentials.

In the same way, one who realizes that his own mind is buddha frees himself instantly from the sufferings arising from ignorance of the law of ceaseless change within the six realms. If a buddha could prevent it, do you think he would allow even one sentient being to fall into hell?

He is making commonsense statements. It is true, if a buddha could prevent it then not a single human being would fall into the hellfire. But that does not mean that the buddha is not making every effort. The problem is that you are also involved in it; a buddha cannot disturb your freedom. If you want to go to hell he will simply show you the path. Out of compassion he will make it clear to you what hell is: “Do you know.?” But if you are bent upon going to hell - it is an experience.!

A buddha - anyone who is awakened - without any effort creates an energy field. It is not right to say that he creates it, he finds an energy field spreading around himself. Whoever is touched by that energy field will not be the same again. He will start changing and transforming in a miraculous way. Sometimes even in spite of himself, he will do things which only a buddha can do. His old habits, his ignorance, his unconsciousness, all will be against it, but the feeling of a buddha, his presence.It may be a very slight experience, a very small flame, but it is enough to dispel the darkness of millions of years.

Don’t think that it is small. Just one evening’s meditation, if you really touch the inner center, is more powerful than all your ignorance that you have lived for centuries, is more powerful than all your habits, is more powerful than all your personality. Just a single flame, and slowly it becomes a great fire in which all that is false is burned, and only the pure gold remains behind.

Without self-realization one cannot understand such things as these..

In a dream, you may stray and lose your way home. You ask someone to show you how to return or you pray to God or buddhas to help you, but still you can’t get home.

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