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Chapter 16: Life Is on the Razor’s Edge

But as far as I am concerned, and my people are concerned, anything that is dangerous, risky, scary, should be accepted as a challenge to your manhood; should be accepted as a challenge to your courage, to your spirit, to your very soul. It is dangerous - that’s why it should be longed for. A man who lives without danger does not live at all. The only way to live is to live dangerously, always moving on a razor’s edge. Then life has a freshness, youthfulness, and a moment to moment intensity, a moment to moment totality, because the next moment is not certain at all.

Those who are living conveniently, comfortably, a middle-class life.the term “middle-class” is abusive; one should not live a middle-class life. These are the people who go on clinging to the past, clinging to corpses, clinging to rotten principles, meaningless rituals, because they are afraid even to raise a question. Their convenience is more valuable than sincerity. Their so-called middle-class comforts are more valuable to them than a life lived with intensity and fire.

A sannyasin is taking initiation to become a flame, with a longing to live dangerously, dropping all conveniences, comforts, moving always into the unknown.

But the beauty is that when you live dangerously and you don’t have any certainty, any guarantee, any insurance for tomorrow, you live today to its fullest extent. You squeeze the juice of every moment to its totality, knowing perfectly well you may not have another chance.

You love, but your love is not superficial. You live, but your life is a fire. And even a single moment of intense love and living is more valuable than a whole eternity of futile worship, superstitions, dead ideals, slavery, bondage.

God is speaking to Moses on Mount Sinai, and Moses is shaking his head in disbelief at what God is saying to him. With his face upturned to heaven he says, “all right, God, now let me get this straight. You are telling me that we are the chosen people, and you want us to cut off the tips of our what?”

God, being a gentleman, cannot use the word. And Moses, being a prophet, also cannot use the word. So how they managed it is a mystery, because God remained silent. Perhaps it was Moses’ own discovery - he had to answer to his people and he could not show his ignorance!

Jews have suffered only because of this strange idea that they accepted - that they are the chosen people of God. This seems to be absolutely.either Moses dreamed it, or he had taken marijuana on Mount Sinai - because I know marijuana grows on Mount Sinai. But something went wrong, and he went back with the idea, “We are the chosen people.” Once this got into the heads of Jews it became part of their ego, and nobody raised a question.

I have looked into many Jewish scriptures, old and new, into many commentators - even very logical and very significant philosophers like Martin Buber - but nobody raises any question about this stupid idea that Jews are the chosen people of God. It is so comfortable, so convenient, but it has created their whole misery for four thousand years, because nobody else will accept it.

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