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Chapter 7: Awareness Is Magic

They said, “But what will people say? In the office we cannot use a small child’s bottle.”

I said, “You can start trying it at night, in your bed. But give it a try and see how it changes your smoking pattern.”

And they were surprised, they loved it! And their smoking was reduced; slowly, slowly it disappeared. A certain need - -but you judge it as idiotic. It looks idiotic on the surface, but nothing is idiotic. Somewhere there must be some existential reason for it.

So don’t judge anything; rather, change your approach from judgment to observation. Howsoever stupid a thing it may be, just observe it without any prejudice. Not with the idea that it is stupid - then you cannot observe. Without any judgment and without any prejudice, simply observe it. Go deeper into it, find reasons why it is there. You will find one day the rock bottom, and the whole thing will disappear.

Awareness is magic. It can make things disappear - you just have to be very persistent in not judging but just being aware. Go deeper and deeper into it, whatever it brings, and then things will be clear to you, what has to be done.

The doctor is not telling you how you can drop your smoking, he simply goes on telling you to drop smoking, otherwise you will suffer. You know it, everybody is saying it - in the magazines, in the papers, on the radio, everywhere you are hearing it. Now even governments have passed resolutions around the world that on every cigarette packet there should be a warning that it is dangerous to health.

In the beginning, the manufacturers of cigarettes around the world were naturally against it. This is a strange thing, that you are selling something, and rather than advertising it, you are putting a label on it saying that it is dangerous to your health. But you will be surprised: it has not affected the sales of cigarettes at all. People read it, but it is not new; they have heard it so many times before. It is the same old stuff.

Take any small thing that you go on doing, approach it with awareness to its very roots, and it starts disappearing. The basic thing is learning not to judge, because the moment you judge, your observation is clouded. Then you can never see clearly; you have already concluded. You have not been scientific, you have been already carrying a belief.

In my childhood I asked my father - that was my way - “You have to give me money because now I am going to smoke.”

He said, “This is strange. No boy of your age can have the courage to ask his own father for money, and that too for smoking.”

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