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Chapter 10: Seeing Double

A master was asked by a curious monk: “What is the way?” “It is right before your eyes,” said the master. “Why do I not see it for myself?” asked the monk. “Because you are thinking of yourself,” said the master. “What about you,” said the monk, “do you see it?”
The master said: “So long as you see double, saying I don’t, and you do, and so on, your eyes are clouded.” “When there is neither I nor you, can one see it?” said the monk. “When there is neither I nor you, who is the one who wants to see it?” replied the master.

Yes, the Way is right before your eyes. But your eyes are not right before the Way - they are closed, closed in a very subtle manner. They are clouded. Millions of thoughts are closing them, millions of dreams are floating on them; whatsoever you have seen is all there, whatsoever you have thought is all there. And you have lived long - many lives, and you have thought much, and it is all gathered there in your eyes. But because thoughts cannot be seen you see your eyes as clear. The clarity is not there. Millions of layers of thought and dreams are there in your eyes. The Way is right before you. All that is, is right before you. But you are not here. You are not in that still moment where eyes are totally empty, unclouded, and you see, and you see that which is.

So the first thing to be understood is: how to attain unclouded eyes, how to make eyes empty so that they can reflect truth, how not to be continuously in a mad rush within; how not to be continuously thinking and thinking and thinking, how to relax thought. When thought is not, seeing happens; when thought is, you go on interpreting and you go on missing.

Don’t be an interpreter of reality, be a visionary. Don’t think about it, see it!

What to do? One thing: Whenever you look, just be the look. Try. It is going to be difficult, difficult just because of old habit. But try. It happens. It has happened to many, why not you? You are no exception. The universal law is as available to you as to a buddha or to anybody. Just make a little effort.

You see a flower: then just see, don’t say anything. The river is flowing: sit on the bank and see the river, but don’t say anything. Clouds are moving in the sky: lie down on the ground and see, and don’t say anything. Just don’t verbalize!

This is the deepest habit, to verbalize; this is your whole training - to jump immediately to words from reality, to immediately start making words: “beautiful flower,” “lovely sunset.” If it is lovely, let it be lovely! - why bring in this word? If it is beautiful, do you think your word “beautiful” will make it more beautiful? On the contrary, you missed an ecstatic moment. The verbalization came in. Before you could have seen you moved, moved in an inner wandering. If you go too far away in this wandering you become mad.

What is a madman? He who never comes to reality, who always wanders in his own world of words - and he has wandered so far that you cannot bring him back. He is not with the reality, but are you with the reality? You are not either. The difference is only of degree. A madman has wandered very far, you never wandered that far - just in the neighborhood - and you come again and again and touch reality and go again.

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