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Chapter 27: Crossianity

“Well, I don’t know,” says Flanagan, opening one eye again. “At a time like this it doesn’t seem very smart to upset anyone.”

The inner comes out, you cannot hide it much. Now he is being very calculating. At the time of death, unnecessarily annoying anybody .and who knows where you are going? It is better to keep silent.

A wealthy widower and his beautiful daughter are on a sea cruise. By chance the girl falls overboard, and Rubin Fingelbaum, aged seventy, splashes in afterwards and rescues her. After the two are brought on board the ship, the widower throws his arms around Rubin.

“You saved my daughter’s life,” he cries. “I’m a rich man - I will give you anything! Ask for whatever you want!”

“Just answer me one question,” replies Rubin. “Who pushed me?”

What is inside is bound to come outside.

How can you hide it?

An old black preacher had used the letters BS, MS and PhD after his name for many years without ever having had anyone from his congregation ask what they meant. Finally a nosy old woman questions him about it.

“Well, sister,” he answers. “You know what B.S. stands for, don’t you?”

“I sure do,” says the lady indignantly. “Bull shit!”

“Right,” says the preacher. “And MS just means more of the same, and PhD means piled high and deep.”

That’s the inner side of most people: bull shit, BS; MS, more of the same; and PhD, piled high and deep.

No plastic surgeon can change it. But you are capable of changing it yourself. It is within your hands. Nobody can do anything about your inner being except you. You are the master of your inner world. And as the inner world becomes silent, naturally your eyes become deeper, with an oceanic depth. As your inner being becomes cloudless your face also becomes cloudless, just an open sky. As your inner being comes to discover the source of your life, the flame of your life, something of that flame starts radiating from every pore of your body.

This is the rule. Ashtavakra is an exception. Exceptions don’t make the rule, they only prove the rule. But it has never happened vice versa before, and I don’t think it can ever happen.

We are all trying to be beautiful on the outside: all kinds of make-up, all kinds of things are going on to make your outer beautiful.

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