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Chapter 3: The Last Star in the Morning

Suddenly, as if clouds disappeared and there was a breakthrough, he started dancing. The man - the player, the musician - became aware, he stopped the music. But now nobody can stop the dance of the seeker. The musician asked, “What is the matter? What has happened to you?”

The man said, “I have understood. Life has everything, just a new combination. I looked into three shops, everything was there but there was no sitar - everything was separate, an order was needed - everything was in chaos. Everything was there, whatsoever was needed was there - just a synthesis, a unity.and such beautiful music comes out of it!

“Life has everything - I have understood! Just a new order..”

You have everything that you need. God never sends anybody as a beggar in the world. Everybody is born an emperor but lives like a beggar, not knowing how to arrange..

Mind should be the servant, consciousness should be the master, and then.then the instrument is ready, and then a great music is possible. And there comes a moment when the instrument is not needed at all.

It is said that whenever a musician becomes perfect he throws the sitar because then it is useless, because then the inner music has come in. The outer sitar just helped to move withinwards. Whenever an archer is perfect, he throws the bow - there is no need! Whenever there is perfection, it becomes unconditional.

First make the sitar of your life, and then, be able to retire the mind completely: you have gone beyond the circle of birth and death. That’s what God is, that’s what this beautiful story is saying:

“To remind me” - so that I don’t fall again and again a victim of the old pattern: mind, the master; myself, the servant.

“To remind me” - that I am the master!

Enough for today.