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Chapter 2: Right Here, Right Now

You are the horizon where the earth seems to be meeting the sky. But has it ever met it? Far away the horizon appears - sky touching earth. Start walking towards it, expecting to reach it in a minute or two. Continue walking for life after life - you will never reach a place where the sky touches the earth. It is only a mirage. It always appears that you can touch it a little further on, just a little further.

The horizon does not exist, it only appears to. It is the same inside us as with the outer horizon. Inside no contact ever happens either. How will being touch body? How will the mortal meet the immortal? Milk mixes with water - both are of the earth. But how will being merge with body? Their basic quality is different. However near they come, they cannot touch. They may be forever near, still they cannot touch, they cannot meet. It is only our assumption, our concept - the horizon exists only as our idea.

If you allow Ashtavakra’s statements to penetrate your heart like arrows, they will awaken and remind you. They will arouse that long forgotten memory. For a moment the sky will open, the clouds will break up, and your life will be filled with sunlight.

It may be difficult - the experience goes against our whole way of life. It will cause discomfort. And you did not disperse the clouds within, these clouds were dispersed by the words of a master - the clouds will gather again. Before you reach home, again the clouds will surround you. You won’t drop your habits so quickly. Again the clouds will gather, and you will be more uneasy. You will doubt. Was it not a dream that you saw? Was it not some kind of projection? Was it not a trick of the ego, of the mind? Perhaps you fell into a kind of madness?

Naturally, the weight of your habits is heavy, very old. Darkness is ancient - it doesn’t exist, still it is ancient. Whenever rays of sunlight burst in, they are fresh - absolutely new, freshly bathed. You see them for a moment, and again you are lost in darkness. Your darkness has a very long history. When you weigh these two, doubt arises about sunlight but not about darkness. Darkness should be doubted. Instead sunlight is doubted because its rays are new, and darkness is very old. Darkness is like a tradition coming down from century to century. The rays of light have just arrived - fresh, new. So new, how can they be trusted?

“I felt I was not on this earth.” There is no one who is of this earth. We cannot be of this earth. To think otherwise is our belief, our projection. It seems so, but it is not the truth.

“Rather I felt I was a small particle of light in the open and infinite sky.” This is the beginning, “.a small particle of light in the infinite sky.” You will soon feel, “I am the infinite sky.” This is the start.

Right now we are not ready to be completely absorbed in the infinite sky. And if we feel the flight coming, the storm coming, that winds are carrying us away, still we keep separate and save ourselves. “.a particle of light.” You are no longer darkness, you have become a particle of light. But the difference from the sky is still there; the division remains, a gap remains. The ultimate will happen the day you become the sky. The particle of light is also separate. The day you become integrated, one, on that day you will feel “I am the vast empty sky.”

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